How To Create New Scrapbook Backgrounds In MySpace

MySpace is a social networking website that allows the users to share blogs, photos, music and videos with their friends. This is also a way for the users to keep their friends updated on the latest happenings in their lives. You can customize the theme of your MySpace page by using different colors, backgrounds and background music. You can do this by editing your page. A lot of people also use scrapbook backgrounds to be able to achieve a soft look or a scrapbook like appearance on their website. Creating a new desktop background for your MySpace profile is fairly easy.

Here are the steps in creating your scrapbook background for MySpace:

  1. Choose scrapbook journaling backgrounds. The first thing you have to do is choose the background that you want to use for your MySpace page. There are a lot of websites that offer printable backgrounds, scrapbook titles, scrapbook fonts and scrapbook clipart for a blog or for MySpace. Most of the time, these are free. Search these websites for the background that you want. You can choose from different themes, such as digital art, baby themes, abstract background and a lot more. You can also choose to use your personal picture as a background for your profile.
  2. Copy the background code. When you choose a background, you will see the codes that you have to use to be able to use the background for your MySpace page. Right click on your mouse and copy the entire text. Be sure that the entire code is selected or else the background might not work.
  3. Sign-in to your account and change the background. Sign in to your MySpace account. Once you have successfully signed in to your account, click on the option that says "Edit Profile." This option can be at the right of your MySpace profile picture. To change your scrapbook background, all you have to do is paste the codes that you copied directly under the text that you placed in the "About Me" section. After you have done this, click on the "Save All Changes" button.
  4. Check to see if the scrapbook background was installed properly. To check if you have successfully installed your background, click on the "View My Profile" option on the upper right corner of the screen. You will be directed to your profile page. See if you like your new background.

These are the easy steps in changing the background image of your MySpace account. If you do not like the background or if you want to try a different background, go back and search for scrapbook backgrounds and just repeat the necessary steps. MySpace users change their backgrounds to fit their personality and for their profile to be more interesting. You can also choose from different colors to change your background or you can stick with a plain color. This is for people who want to customize their profile but want to keep it simple. With your newly installed MySpace scrapbook background, you will surely have more friends viewing your profile.


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