How To Create Templates for Event Tickets

Creating a template has many prerequisites and they could highly vary from your design or the type of event you are preparing for. You can also consult your local ticket printing company on the kind of paper you can use for your tickets and they might even be able to provide you with standard ticket paper. There would be slight differences for varied sport tickets like football tickets or it could be for theater play tickets and concert tickets, but here are a few things you have to keep in mind that you must have for your event ticket.

  1. Title of event - This must be the most prominently seen part of your ticket, so it should be in the center and your font  should at most be size 12, depending on the style you're using for your event. Usually you have the catchy one-liner that is usually bigger and then the purpose of the event or the longer part of the tile that is usually a smaller part. Make sure that all the words are readable.
  2. Date - For games, movies, or concerts, there could be inclusive dates where you would have different showing dates, or different game schedules. You can usually find these on the side or below the title. As with the title, make sure that it is readable. For events that require specific table arrangements, make sure to add the seat number and table number.
  3. Location - This can be placed after the date, or wherever else you can think of, so long as people can still read it and would know how to get to your event. Make sure to add the specific room number if you are holding your event in a large place. You don't want to have lost guests.
  4. Stub number - You have to remember to have the ticket stub number on both the main ticket, and the stub that you will take once the guests enter. You have to be careful when placing the numbers so as to not repeat any, so make sure to counter-check the numbering before the final printing.
  5. Background - With the above-mentioned necessities that you have to find in an event ticket, the words you have to put in it will have to match the background. You can draw your own design manually and have it scanned or you can work on your designs using Photoshop. Make sure that the design you will make is reader friendly and should not overpower the purpose of the ticket.
  6. Publisher - If you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, look if you have Microsoft Office Publisher, which has basic templates for making brochures, posters, and other publishing needs. However, some versions of Publisher may not have this, but you can download it here:

Making your own ticket template can cut practically half your expenses for invitations and you can sell tickets to a ticket broker at a cheaper rate. Ticket Creator can help you with printing the number stubs and have basic backgrounds and designs you can use. For more information on Ticket Creator, follow this link.


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