How To Create Templates in Microsoft Word

A template in Microsoft Word, as its name connotes, serves as a platform file a computer user can utilize in the said word processor program. Templates are especially helpful for those individuals who constantly make use of the Word program to create documents that should have the same settings every time. Since templates can be formatted, meaning, the user can tweak the settings such as assigning desired fonts and specific margins, then one need not create a new document and do the configuration of the settings in Microsoft Word all over again. This article details the step -by- step process in creating templates in Microsoft Word that runs on the Windows XP operating system.

  1. Come up with a Word document with the desired settings. The first thing you will need to do is to create a base document file. This will include all of the settings that you wish to have in your Microsoft Word template. To do this, open a new Word document by clicking on the Start button. Point your mouse pointer to Microsoft Word from among the choices in the list that pops up and click on it once. Now that you have a newly opened Word document file, you can start creating the template. Begin by assigning your choice of fonts and its respective size. Configure the margin settings as needed. Do some more tweaking by determining line spacing, numbering, and the like, if needed.
  2. Store the Word document in the Templates folder. Once done with configuring the settings on the Word document file, then you can now save it to become the template for future documents you will create. Direct your mouse pointer to File found on the left uppermost part of the document window and click on it once. A dropdown list pops up after which you will need to click on Save. Another alternative would be to simultaneously press Ctrl and S keys on your computer keyboard. This is the keyboard command for saving a file. Now, the Save As box should pop up. In the "Save in" section, hit the dropdown arrow and look for Local Disk (C:) and click on it. You will see a bunch of yellow folder icons. Select the Documents and Settings folder by clicking on it twice. Look for the folder labeled with your username and click on it two times. After that, locate the Templates folder and click on it twice. Finally, click on Save to store this formatted document under the Templates folder.

You can start using the created template by opening a new Word document. Notice there is a detailed list of documents on the right hand portion of the document file. Simply locate and click on the General Templates option once for the Templates window to pop up. Highlight the recently created template and click on OK for this document to follow the template.


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