How To Create the Blue Screen of Death

The Blue Screen of Death or BSOD for short is a term commonly used for the blue page you get on your computer when an error in the system occurs, and you know its serious if this appears because it will force your computer to shut down to avoid further damage. Some of the reasons that cause the blue screens to appear range from damaged hardware, faulty software scripts or programs, faulty RAM, damaged power supply or overheated components on your computer. The blue screen displays the files that were affected so you can use it to identify the problem and find a solution. You can recreate the blue screen of death to fool your friends on their computer and make them think their system has a serious problem. This will involve a few minor changes to the registry keys.

  1. Go to Run option on the Start menu. On the Start menu you'll find the Run option, select it to bring up the Run window.
  2. Launch the registry editor tool. When the Run window is displayed, type in the command regedit and click OK. This will run the Registry editor program.
  3. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and expand folders. When the Registry editor window is open, navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder and expand the folder by clicking the + sign next to it. When expanded go to the system folder and expand that. Next expand the CurrentControlSet folder, then the Services folder. When the Services folder is expanded you'll a long list of folders under it, find the i8042prt folder and expand it to reveal two folders called Enum and Parameters. Select the Parameters folder, and then you'll see a list on the panel to your right.
  4. Select the Edit option located on the menu bar. On the menu bar at the top of the window select Edit and then hover or point your cursor over New, a new list will appear select DWORD value. Another way is to right click in the panel on the right, and the New option will also appear then select DWORD value from there.
  5. Give the new entry a new name. A new entry will appear on the panel to your right, rename this new entry to CrashOnCtrlScroll. Once it is renamed double click on the new entry and a dialogue box will appear. Put in 1 for the value data then click OK. You can now close the Registry Editor tool and afterwards restart your computer.
  6. Hold down Ctrl and Scroll Lock to display the Blue Screen of Death. When the computer restarts and stabilizes, hold down the Ctrl key and then quickly tap the Scroll Lock key twice, the Blue Screen of Death should appear right away.

Whenever you get the blue screen of death on your computer you start to panic because you know something is seriously wrong with the system. You can fool your friends and make them think their computer is damaged with a harmless blue screen of death.


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