How To Create Vector Art with Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is really a vector graphics creator and editor wherein any user can use it to create art and graphic design images.  This software is the premier when it comes to digital art, which is why Adobe Systems, its owner, makes a ton of money selling it.  Getting down to it, using Adobe Illustrator CS5, the latest version of this software series, can really provide with tons of options for vector art that are considered advantageous over other applications such as Adobe Photoshop and the like.  For instance, creating vector art on Photoshop can leave your output quite pixilated.  With Illustrator, this issue does not enter the picture, literally, since the vector art you create with it is not based on pixels at all.  Anyway, here are some easy steps to make and create your first vector art using Illustrator.

  • Launch Adobe Illustrator.  Assuming that you have Adobe Illustrator already installed on your computer, navigate to the file to launch it.  If the shortcut to the application is on your desktop, then double-click on it to launch.  If not, select “start” followed by “all programs.”  Navigate to the Adobe Illustrator folder and click the launcher file from the sub menu.  Now, if you don’t have Illustrator installed yet, visit and download the installer.  You can download the trial version that will allow you to use it for a set number of days.  If you like using it, you can easily upgrade the license by purchasing it online on their website.
  • Create a new file. As soon as Illustrator is up and running, create a new file by selecting “File” at the top menu and clicking on “New” from the menu.  At this point, you will have to set the size and dimension of the new file.  For instance, if you are creating a brochure or card, then plot in the dimensions for that document size.
  • Start drawing.  Once the new file is ready, start drawing your image. Use the tool bar provided to help you create your design and image.  The Bezier and point curves are probably the tools you will most likely use.  You can use your mouse to start making your image come to life freehand but this can be difficult to a lot of people.  To make things a little easier, purchase yourself a digital pen that you can connect to your computer via USB.  This pen will come with a digital touch pad that will act like the paper on which you will draw the image.   
  • Flatten transparency.  Upon completing your design, you will want to make the transparency of your new image flat in order to apply the other features and tools that Illustrator provides.  To do this, simply press “CTRL” and “A” simultaneously to highlight the whole image.  While the image is highlighted, point your mouse to “object” at the top menu and select “flatten transparency” from the submenu.  A new dialogue box will pop up.  Click “ok” to make it so.

Once you complete all the customizations on your design, save the file.  As soon as you save it to your computer, you can now stand proud since you have successfully created your first ever vector art using Illustrator.  Now, if you are looking to learn more about the intricacies of using Illustrator, you might want to visit and read up on the literature available for download.


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