How To Create Website Wireframes

A website wireframe is similar to the initial bubble diagrams typically used by architects to approximate spatial locations of the different elements of a house or providing an outline before writing an essay or research paper. Creating a website wireframe is fundamental for designing webpages. This is where you have the opportunity to tweak, arrange and rearrange elements before the final touches are incorporated. Although the wireframe is simply a representation of the elements you would want to include in your website, it provides you a good, two-dimensional visual on how your completed website might look like. Having a good layout is key to your success as a website designer.

A website wireframe provides the skeleton or frame on how the final product will look like. The important thing in website wireframe is being able to assign the specific elements of the website that you may want to include. Primary in the wireframe is the placements of logos, navigation, content area, user login and search boxes. Simple shapes are used to represent each element. By using simple shapes, it would be easier for you to move it around until you find the best arrangement for your website.

There are several ways on how you can execute a website wireframe. The basic way of creating one is initially drawing it on paper. You may create a sketch of how you may want to arrange the different elements.

A more sophisticated manner is using graphic computer programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Visio, OmniGraffle, Axure RP or other similar graphic software programs. These programs are equipped with tools that allow you to create basic shapes and label them. Using software programs can also save you time. It allows you to save previous wireframe arrangements and compare them later.

When creating website wireframes, make sure you are able to distinguish the positioning of each element. You must also be aware of the functions of each of the elements in the global and secondary levels. You must select which feature should be more prominent and which feature should take the second fiddle. Obviously, when creating websites, emphasis must be made on the logo or identifying features.

It is the first thing that catches the eye of browsers and it identifies your website. You can create as many wireframes you want until you are satisfied with the arrangement. It is better to conceptualize the look of the website at this point rather than trying to change one that is already completed. Wireframes give you the opportunity to be creative without the need to incorporate much detail. All it needs is some imagination and knowing what you want.

Leave the details out until you are certain that the layout is how you would want your completed website to look. The important thing in creating website wireframes is knowing how to organize the elements into a cohesive presentation. Spend as much time as you can in conjuring up an ideal arrangement for your webpage.


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