How To Create your Own Dream Avatar

Avatars are fun representations of people used in various social networking sites, forums, games and more. It is a way to identify you to other users. You can create your dream avatar using a variety of programs both on and offline. There are free photo-editing programs found on the web as well as dedicated avatar-building software. An example is GIMP, an easy to use application that can be downloaded for free.

Unleash your creativity and create your own dream avatar now by following these steps.

  • Select an image that you want to turn into an avatar. The image can be your picture or a picture of your favorite character. The avatar will be based on this image. If you don’t have a copy of a picture you like, pick from the many free stock photos available online. Make sure to choose a clear picture with a high color contrast. Save a copy of this picture on your computer.
  • Choose an avatar-building program. As mentioned earlier, there are many avatar-building and photo-editing programs available. Select one that is easy to use. Once you know which one you want to use, download this program.
  • Load the program. Open your downloaded avatar-building program and create a new image or file.
  • Begin creating the avatar. The steps in creating an avatar from a photograph may differ from program to program. However, most programs are very easy to use and take only a few steps. Generally, you will have to select the filename of the photograph that you will use. You do this by browsing your directory, clicking on the file followed by the Open button.
  • Specify the size of the avatar. Avatar-building programs have their own maximum file size (pixels). The program where you will use the avatar also has its allowable maximum avatar size. 100x100 pixels is usually considered the best size for an avatar because the resolution for this size is excellent. Indicate the size that you wish to use by typing the numbers in the boxes.
  • Format your avatar. Different avatar-building programs have different formatting options. Apart from resizing the photograph, you can also add borders, change the background and more. Adding text is also available in some avatar-building software. You can choose the font type, color, size and style. There is limited space so make sure to choose the right text. Play around with the options available until you have your dream avatar. You can always undo your changes if necessary.
  • Save your dream avatar. Once you’re happy with how your dream avatar looks, make sure to save it to your drive. The extension of the filename will depend on the program you are using. However, there are some programs that will allow you to choose the extension for the file. An avatar file is usually saved with an extension .jpg, .gif, or .png. Once saved, you can now use your dream avatar!

Note:  If you are using an online avatar maker, you can simply upload your picture and work on it online. Other programs have pre-designed avatar components that you can mix and match to come up with your own unique avatar.

Creating your own dream avatar is lots of fun. You can make your avatar as simple as possible or add various design elements to it. Avatar-building programs are readily available for use online or can be downloaded for free. Have fun now and start creating your dream avatar!


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