How To Create Your Own Gangster Avatar

If you’ve watched the movie Avatar, then you probably have a high-tech idea of what an avatar is supposed to be. In simple terms, though, an avatar is a symbolic representation of yourself. In the online world, your avatar can be used to represent you in online chats, instant messaging clients, forum posts, and blog comment threads. Avatars are basically small pictures (about 60x60 pixels), but most people use cartoon characters and logos for their avatar.

A gangster avatar might be a cool image to use, especially if you want to maintain a tough guy or a tough girl identity online. You can create your own gangster avatar using various free image makers online. One such example is Yahoo! where you can create an account or edit your existing account.

Sign in. Go to and sign in using your credentials. If you don’t have a Yahoo! account yet, sign up for one. It’s fast and free!

Click the avatar box. If you don’t have an existing avatar yet, the box will contain some text that says “Your avatar here.” Click this box to create a new avatar. You can select an avatar from an existing picture from your hard drive or you can choose from Yahoo! Select the option for creating a new one from scratch.

Edit your features. You will need to select whether you want a male or female avatar. Choose the body type you think is most appropriate to you or the character you want your avatar to portray. Select your desired options for the facial features: eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and skin tone.

Add clothing. Clothes make the man (or gangster). You can go for pre-set outfits, or you can mix and match using the “clothing separates” option. Old-fashioned gangsters usually wear dark pinstripe suits. If you’re thinking of more modern, younger types of gangsters, then maybe you can look for hip-hop attire.

Add accessories. Complete the gangster look by adding a lopsided hat. Or if your gangster is the modern kind, add big headphones or a ball cap.

Select a background. Look for a nice background for your gangster. An appropriate scene would probably include a club or old-fashioned restaurant (think Godfather). Or you can find a street scene with a big Cadillac.

Save your avatar on Gravatar. You can use this as your online identity or image when chatting with friends. If you’d like to use this as an avatar outside of Yahoo, you can save the image to your hard drive or copy the image URL to your clipboard (right click, then select “Copy image URL”). Then login to Gravatar and create a new account. When asked for an image, you can then point Gravatar either to the file on your hard drive, or to the URL of the image you created on Yahoo.

Your avatar will appear everytime you post a comment or forum message using your email address on a site that supports Gravatar. In Yahoo! sites, your Yahoo! avatar will also appear by default.


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