How To Create your Own Yahoo! 360 Blog on the Internet

As if you don’t have enough online outlets to tell the world what you ate for breakfast and how long it took you to finally get to sleep last night, you need a Yahoo! 360 blog on the Internet to keep going on and on about what kind of tile to buy for your massive bathroom. Have it your way then.

Here’s how to create your own Yahoo! 360 blog on the Internet.

You will need the following:

  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Your own Yahoo! 360 account
  • A web address that you can paste as a link to your Yahoo!360
  • Username and password for this Yahoo! account

Log on to the Internet and proceed to the general Yahoo! Website. That is

Create your very own Yahoo! 360 web page. You can do this by clicking the “Create Your Place” option.

Get started by pressing the “Get started” option. You are on your way.

Sign into your account. You will then be prompted to go through the usual procedure of typing in your username and password to gain access. You have to perform this action before you are allowed to proceed. Understand that if you do not have an existing Yahoo! account that you have to create one before everything else.

Pick your personal design. Yahoo! 360 offers passable designs for your own startup page. Choose which one you like and then proceed to starting your own page by clicking on the button for “Start My Page.”

Follow steps 1 through 4. You will go through a gamut of processes to complete your journey through Yahoo! 360 beginning with identifying and choosing your call name or nickname, picking a nice wallpaper or background for your personal blog, and disclosing your list of hobbies and interest before you reach the final step that completes all the aesthetic requirements of your blog.

Add personal items on there. Photos, clips, motto, thoughts, links, and when needed, RSS feeds. When you have completed uploading and prepping your own Yahoo! 360, you can begin writing your blog. Let’s see, how about writing your love story with your massive bathroom? Kidding! But that will be interesting in a creepy kind of way. By the way, you can write in any bleeping thought you have and rant about everything under the sun as long as you don’t name names and keep your entries strictly PC. You want friends to keep coming back to your blog, right? Perhaps grow your fan base, too? Well then keep it fresh, fun, funny, and non-offensive by trying to be PC.

Start inviting people to your blog. Send out your announcement email and supply the link to your Yahoo! 360 blog. Test the link itself to know if you will be redirected to your newly created blog page. You have the option of rejecting or denying people you don’t know into your blog. Likewise, they have the option of denying your invitation.

Add music. If you want visitors to enjoy lingering in your blog, you might want to inject some music into their experience. If you’re musically gifted, blow them away by uploading your own composition on there. Mix some pop into it to get people into the groove while reading your blog.

Now you have literally gone full circle through the Yahoo! 360 blog. Are you happy now?


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