How To Customize Your Mouse Pointer

A mouse is a handheld gadget connected to the computer that we use to move and control the cursor on our computer's screen by sliding it across a flat surface.

The following are three types of mice that are used:

  • Mechanical Mouse. This type of mouse has a rotary rubber ball on the underneath the mouse itself. When mouse is moved, the ball's direction is detected by the mechanical sensors inside the mouse and steers the cursor accordingly on the computer screen.

  • Opto-Mechanical Mouse. The Opto-mechanical mouse's function is the same with its predecessor, except that optical sensors are used instead of the mechanical sensor.

  • Optical Mouse. This type of mouse used laser technology to move the cursor as you move the mouse across a flat surface.

Here are the steps to customize your computer's mouse pointer:

  1. Navigate to your computer's Control Panel. There are several ways to navigate to the control panel and the following are the different methods that you can use:

    Method A:

    • Locate your start button and click on it.
    • Highlight Settings.
    • Select Control Panel.

    Method B:

    • Locate your start button and click on it.
    • Select Run.
    • Enter Control Panel on the space provided.
    • Hit OK.
  2. There are two options on how to proceed once we get into the Control Panel. If your Control Panel is set to Category View, select Printers and other Hardware, then highlight and click on the icon for mouse. If your Control Panel is set to Classic View, highlight and click the icon for mouse to take you to the mouse properties window.
  3. You are now in the Mouse Properties window. Point the cursor on the pointers tab and click on it.
  4. Pressing the drop down button under the Scheme drop down menu will allow you to see different schemes that you can choose from. Windows Default System Scheme is uniformed default setting that you will see selected here if you haven't changed the scheme yet.
  5. Skim through the available schemes. Observe that under Customize, each time you change your mouse pointer's scheme, different pointer icons are shown for each type of mouse tasks.
  6. Once you have selected the scheme you'd like to use and wanted to change a few icons of your desire to the scheme you chose, select the function or mouse task icon you'd like to modify to adapt to your liking. Highlight the function and hit the Browse Button and you will be taken to the Cursors folder where you can then select the icon you'd like to use.
  7. Save the scheme that you created or modified. Hit on the Save as button and under the Save this cursor Scheme as menu, type in your preferred name for this scheme and hit OK once done.
  8. Hit on the OK button in the Mouse Properties window. Without hitting OK, you will not be able to save the changes you've made and apply the new settings you've done to your mouse pointer.

Sometimes we just like to stamp our personalities on our gadgets and gizmos. Operating system developers understand this and provide us common users with various means in their software to really give our personal computers a personalized look and feel.


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