How To Date Successfully Online

The Internet isn’t just for surfing or getting information. Going online is a great way to meet someone. If you want to be successful in online dating, be selective about the sites you go to, the information you give about yourself and have the right attitude. Here’s how to date successfully online.

  1. Choose an appropriate site that caters to what you are looking for. Are you looking for a serious long-term commitment? Do you want to meet singles and just have fun? Are you attracted to Asians, Hispanics or Caucasians? Don’t post in a site that caters to a quick connection if what you are looking for is a serious relationship.
  2. Sign up with at most two sites. Signing up for more dating sites doesn’t ensure more success. After a while, you may get confused and you may get bombarded with responses. You’ll waste your time filtering the ones you like from the inappropriate responses. One or two sites should give you plenty of choices.
  3. Post an accurate photograph of yourself. Use something that is pretty current, at least within the last year. You don’t want to disappoint the person you are meeting by setting him up with your glamour shot photo taken ten years ago, when you look nothing like it anymore. Choose a flattering shot but still looks like you. Avoid cropped group pictures. Smile! Other people want to see the color or your hair and eyes, what kind of smile you have and assess your overall appearance. Don’t post a picture that looks too sultry, sexy or revealing.  You’ll send the wrong message.
  4. Use the appropriate headline to match your photograph. It has to grab someone’s attention from the hundreds of pictures others will be perusing through. Make it sound fun, unique and appropriate. Your headline should give someone an instant insight to your personality and what you are about.
  5. Put correct but limited information on your profile. Consider it a teaser to make someone else want to get to know you better. If you’re not sure how to describe yourself, ask a trusted friend. Don’t lie or embellish.
  6. Before you post your information, have someone you trust review it. Ask what kind of impression your profile gives and if it sounds interesting enough. Get honest feedback now before you post it where thousands can see it.
  7. Be proactive. Be upfront about what you like. Be clear what type of people you are willing to meet and how casual or serious you want to be. If you’re looking to meet as many singles as possible, peruse through as many profiles as possible and make contacts. Establish a conversation and connection with several individuals but be honest about what you want.
  8. Try not to rush into things. Have a few weeks worth of emails and online chatting and phone calls before you decide to eyeball or meet up. Build the anticipation for that first date. If you’re really interested, get to know the person well beforehand. Unless your definition of success means you have a date with at least one new person a week, take things slow. When you finally meet, never have sex on the first date. Wait a few months more.

Be careful and selective when you go online. Be honest but not too revealing for you’re your own safety. Try it out. Your true love may be just a mouse click away.


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