How To Delete Persistent Cookies

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In the technical world, cookies aren't something you munch on between meals. In fact, they're not even edible! They're actually hidden files that your computer downloads and saves as you surf the internet. They remain on your computer even after you close down Internet Explorer. These persistent cookies include your internet browsing history, your usernames and passwords and even private information that you type into forms on the web. While sometimes a timesaver, these persistent cookies may not always be something you want to automatically appear every time your computer boots up a web page. Persistent cookies can be a privacy issue if you share your computer or even if you use computers in public places.  If you would rather not deal with cookies on your computer, follow this guide on how to delete persistent cookies from Internet Explorer 8.

Step 1

Open Internet Explorer 8. Deleting persistent cookies is relatively easy. To begin, first make sure that Internet Explorer 8 is open and running properly on your computer. Maximize it on your screen.

Step 2

Search for the right menu. Cookies are considered something you can work with, so you'll find access to them under the ‘tools' menu at the top of the page (besides ‘File', ‘Edit', ‘View', and ‘Favorites) . From there, click on ‘Internet Options'. Once there, click on the ‘Privacy' tab in the window that pops up.

On the privacy menu, you'll notice that Internet Explorer allows you a range of options when it comes to what kind of cookies you will allow on your computer. All this is done using a slide bar. The lowest setting, ‘Accept All Cookies' allows your computer to download and save all information you enter into a website so that it will appear the next time you go to that site. Persistent cookies will also be downloaded to your computer automatically by some websites. You can lower the amount of cookies your computer saves by sliding the bar up to a higher setting. Change your cookie preferences based on the description of each level of cookie setting on the privacy tab.

Step 3

Delete your persistent cookies. Once you have successfully changed your persistent cookie settings to a higher level, you can easily delete your persistent cookies from the cache (or storage space) on your Internet Explorer 8 web browser's history. Surf to the ‘General' tab on the Internet Options menu. Then click on the correct button that will delete your browsing history.

Remember that this will also delete your stored passwords (for online banking, websites you belong to, and so on) as well as forms that automatically fill out for you whenever you return to a website. Make sure that you make note of these passwords and your account information before you delete your persistent cookies because they will be gone as soon as you click the button. You could be in for a few guessing games as you try to recall the usernames and passwords that automatically appeared on your favorite websites as persistent cookies.  

Once you click on ‘Delete Browsing History' and change your cookie preferences, you will have successfully deleted persistent cookies from your computer.


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