Deleting Your Entire iTunes Library in One Step: Music Playlists

Learn How To Update Your Music Collection on iTunes

After using the iTunes software for a few months you will find the time will come to update and edit your iTunes library. It does not take long to accumulate hundreds of your most listened-to songs and hundreds more songs that you do not even listen to! All it takes is one simple step to take your entire iTunes library and delete it. This way you can add your favorite songs all over again and start fresh with a new sense of organization. 

Many iPod owners are under the impression that once you delete a song from your iTunes library or music playlists it is gone forever, but this is not the case! We have the simple deleting step listed for you below.

Here is how to delete your entire iTunes library in one step:

  1. Select and check each and every song in your iTunes library. This is done by highlighting your entire library and clicking, "select all" from the edit menu. With your entire library highlighted all you have to do is right click, scroll through the menu that appears and click delete. Done!

You will find that your iTunes library is refreshed; now you're ready to add songs and organize your library anew.  For those of you who do not already have these same songs on your PC it is a good idea to back up your iTunes music collection library to a disc prior to deleting it so you can begin adding them once again. Once these files have been deleted they are sent to the recycle bin on your PC. Of course from this venue they can still be restored to your PC or your iTunes library, so they are not completely lost.

Woman with headphones using her laptopYour music library can become quite disorganized as you add songs to your list but fail to remove the ones you don't listen to any more. When you find this happening to your music collection, take action and start with a clean slate. The term "delete" is often scary for any computer user, but when you remove songs from your iPod or your iTunes library you are not deleting them from your PC, so you can select the ones you really want and upload them again.

Although many iPods hold hundreds of songs, there are always songs that you don't listen to any more or have never liked that much. Take advantage of this simple step and delete your iTunes library in one step so you can start fresh. It does not get any easier than this!


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