How To Design a Customized CD Cover

Ways to Cover CDs

Designing your own CD cover is a great way to personalize your music mixes. CD covers are essential to protect your CDs or DVDs from possible damages and scratches. This is the reason why all the discs that you purchase come with a CD cover. There are a lot of reasons why you would have to consider a CD cover for your discs. Apart from protecting your discs from damage, these covers help you in storing them in an organized manner that is definitely going to save you a lot of grief when trying to find a particular disc from a stack of them.

When you have a huge CD collection, you are required to organize them appropriately. Just plain CDs won’t give you an opportunity to understand what they contain. This will lead to ambiguity. You can organize your favorite CDs in CD covers, thus making it easier for you to pick the right CD at the right time. Also, CD covers give your discs unique identity. You no longer need to pick the right disc by performing several trial and error playbacks to see if it is the one you are looking for.

Thus, it is necessary to design a CD cover for your disc, be it DVD or CD or an MP3 disc. Designing customized covers for your discs lets you organize different sets of collections in unique styles.

Here are a couple of ways that will help you to design a CD cover in just a matter of moments: 

Step 1

Get CD Label Stock Paper from the market and print a design that impresses you. Later, you can stick the same on your disc. 

Step 2

Purchase a plastic case for your CD. This will not cost you much. After you get a case, try designing an “insert” paper that fits the CD case. The design you choose for this can resemble your CD Label. But you can also go for a different design. 

Step 3

For a DVD, the case you get is different from that of a CD most of the time. Get one such cover from the market and design an “insert” for that, if you are trying to cover your DVD.

Step 4

You can also go for paper sleeves to cover your CD or DVD. There are readily available ones in the market that come in plain white and several other colors too. You can also print a design on them if you wish to just like you did with the inserts. 

Step 5

You can also make your own Origami CD or DVD cover using a blank paper. This is shown in the video.

It is definitely not difficult to create your own CD designs, as there are software products all over the Internet that help you out with this designing process. For example, RonyaSoft CD DVD Cover Maker allows you to design a CD DVD covers and labels and can perform all the aforementioned steps.  To come up with truly unique designs, you can enroll in an online design course.


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