How To Design a Graphic Design Business Card

Business cards are always important since it is frequently shared in the course of formal introductions. No wonder why businessmen at all times carry business cards with them. It is one way of introducing yourself to potential clients since it shows your information either about the company or as an individual.

If you plan on designing a graphic design business card, constantly keep in mind that you are promoting yourself or your company. Everything written in the business card sums up what you have to offer to clients.

There are some elements that you need to incorporate into your business card. It spells the difference between the card getting thrown into the waste bin and being kept as a reference. When designing your business card, treat it as if it is an important project. Yes—it is an important project because you business card carries very well of who you are, what you do, and who you represent.

Consider that a well-thought design also will sell you and your expertise to potential clients. Take all the time you need to create the perfect business card.

First, your card must say something about what you do. Even though, it is eye catching, it must look professional because it reflects your conduct of business. Second, your business card must be a showcase of your expertise. It should give the recipient a glimpse of your personality and style. If you have a logo, placing it on your business card helps the client to remember. If you have a company color, use it. Business cards must impress. Not too simple, not too loud but just right to make a good first impression.

Do not forget the most important things that should be incorporated into the business card. Essentially, you must include your name or your company’s name, a logo, the important contact addresses and telephone numbers, email addresses, websites (if any) and a brief description of the work that you do. These things might be too complicated to incorporate into the small space of a business card. You can decide which elements you think is most important for you and your business.

After deciding how the business card should look, what it should contain, you must now find a printer to print those cards. You can select from a wide range of paper types, print font face and colors to ensure that your business card reflects you or your company. Do not consider scrimping over the costs of the cards. This is your ticket to potential big projects and it will really count if the cards are of good quality. You can ask the printer to provide you with proofs before going through with the order. It provides you with an opportunity to scrutinize the card more closely.

Always have your business card with you. You will never know when you meet your potential clients. Always keep a good supply of business cards on hand with you. Make sure all the information in your business card is updated.


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