How To Design an HTML Web Page

Website design has become a very lucrative business with the rising popularity of the Internet. Almost all transactions can now be done over the World Wide Web. From banking to grocery shopping and even to updating your friends about how you are through your blog, it is now all done online.

There are various web templates that you can use for your website design that are available on the Internet and are free. Here are some basic steps that you can follow to be able to create your own web page.

  1. The first thing to consider is which web elements you want to see on your site. It will help if you draw the design on a piece of paper first, so that can you see the layout that you want. Next, try to search the Internet for free web templates that more or less give you the same look you want for your design. If you find some templates that are quite similar, then your problem is solved. You only have to tweak the existing template to get the exact design you want. If, on the other hand you do not find any, then you have to build your site from scratch. However, this is not advisable if you are still a newbie. It is recommended that you settle for a design that can be found in a free template download.
  2. Once you have the template that you want, just follow the instructions. These templates usually include instructions on how to put the template on your web page.
  3. If there are things that you want to change in the template so it becomes more to your liking, you can tweak it to something that suits you more. For example: if you do not like the background, you can change the background color or even drop in an image. You can do this by looking for the background tag in your code. This could be in HTML form or in CSS. Either way, you can easily change the value of the background to something you think is more appropriate. Another thing you can easily change is the color of the fonts. To do this, you just have to search for the font color tag. Then just change the value of the color to the value that you prefer.
  4. From here on in, you can experiment with the things that you want to change. You can even add flash templates to your layout. Just make sure that you keep a backup copy of your codes, since it can be very easy to make mistakes on your page when you edit and you are not yet entirely sure of what you are doing.

Take note that the steps given above are for those who have at least a little knowledge about HTML already. If you are a newbie and want to be serious about making your own web design from scratch, you should read up on the basics of HTML and CSS first to get translation of the terms that are being used on tutorials. You can easily find sample designs, free template makers, and so on online which can help you in your project.   If you're serious about creating website designs that are original and innovative, then enrolling in an online web design course is the way to go!


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