How To Do an Anniversary Powerpoint Slide Show

PowerPoint is one of the most enduring and used presentation application that comes with the Windows operating platform. It has been twenty years since the program had been introduced. As a versatile presentation application it can be used to for almost all types of slide presentations. If you have an anniversary coming up and you want to make a special PowerPoint presentation to mark the occasion below are some tips.

  • Form a group of co-workers that can help you in the preparation and creation of the PowerPoint presentation. Assign a task to each of the members. All of you will have to join hands to gather all the background materials that you will need to create the presentation. If this will be for a company anniversary dig up old files to look for pictures, the company’s historical data, past and current management figures, notable and model employees, company milestones, past anniversaries, awards and citations that the company and management have received through the years, current developments and personnel complementation and milestones and future plans. Seek the help of upper management and the human resources department to find the right files.  
  • Organize all the materials that you have collected in a chronological order. Include notes that you may want to add to the images as well as highlight important dates and figures. You can also ask the current management for some inspirational quotes and other company highlights from those who have been with the company for several years.
  • Decide what type of graphics will be appropriate for your presentation. For sure you want to veer away from making the anniversary presentation look like a business or product presentation and would like to give it a fun and hip appeal.
  • Search the web for free PowerPoint templates that you can use for the presentation. Get the consensus from your group members on the template design. Choose the images that you will use for the presentation. You will have to scan these images and photographs and upload them to your computer. Prepare graphs to present the company’s growth.  Write down the script and create a storyboard. Review the presentation content. Ask your group mates for their comments and suggestions. Present the storyboard and the script to management for approval. Make the necessary corrections before you proceed.
  • Finalize the presentation. PowerPoint has a wide array of animation and transition effects. You can also set the timing of the slides. If you have downloaded an anniversary template make this the master so that all the slides will have a consistent look. Add the titles and images, graphs and bullet points on the different slides based on your storyboard. You can rip music from your CD collection or download free MP3s from the web.  Record the script if it is called for in your presentation. Review the outcome and make the necessary correction.

Do not put too many elements on each slide. A slide will look better if there are plenty of spaces between elements. Use bullet points to highlight text and use larger font sizes for titles and subtitles. Be consistent in your use of colors and font styles. Use fonts that are easy to read, even at a distance. Time the presentation by reading the script. An anniversary PowerPoint presentation should highlight the history of the company but it should not be too long that there will be no more time for the anniversary party.


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