How To Do PPC Keyword Research

Pay per click keyword research is one of the fastest ways to drive traffic to your web site. The three major companies where you can do pay per click advertising include: Google Ad Words, Microsoft Ad Center and Yahoo Search Marketing. To be successful means that you must somehow be able to have the highest amount of click troughs to your web site while staying in the budgeted amount for your campaign. To do this means that you must do effective keyword research to find those keywords that have just enough searches for them to be worth your time yet the price that you are paying for the click through remains reasonable. Below are some tips to help you do effective PPC keyword research.

Research your competition.  Figure out what your competition's keywords are, anduse that information to launch your website into the stratosphere.  Sounds complicate, right? It isn't - check out PPC Web Spy. It lets you see competitor keywords while you do basic google browsing.

Use a keyword research tool: There are many different PPC keyword research tools that can use to help find the right keywords along with target phrases. One of the better PPC keyword research tools to use is the Google AdWords Keyword Tool; the way it works is you search to see how much bidding is taking place for each word. This is extremely helpful in identifying what keywords would work best for you, allowing you to filter out those words that have too much competition or have little to no chance of bringing your site enough traffic. One of the best features is that you use can this tool to identify which keywords would work best for you based on your advertising budget. While this tool was originally designed for Google AdWords, it has produced effective results with both the Microsoft Ad Center and Yahoo Search Marketing.

Test you keywords out: Once you have completed your PPC keyword research you next want to test those that you feel would work best for you. This can be done by trying 5 to 10 keywords, then see what the overall click troughs were over the course of one week. Those that are not seeing high click through you eliminate and replace them with new words. This will help you to see firsthand which PPC keywords will work best for you.

Clearly PPC keyword research is an important part of your PPC campaign. By using a keyword research tool and testing your keywords out you can effectively be able to use those keywords that have the highest click troughs at the lowest cost, helping you to make more money. While there are many other elements to any PPC campaign doing effective PPC keyword research can help improve your results tremendously.


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