How To Do Screen Capture in Vista

Screen capture

A screen capture is necessary in any workplace. Screen capture, screen shot or image capture is a picture of your desktop PC screen captured to for a number of uses. We use screen capture during the following scenarios:

  • A screen shot is needed when sending an email to the IT department. It will enable them to troubleshoot the problem using the error message on the screen shot that was sent to them.
  • We also use screen capture when we want to share a procedure or instructions. It is a common knowledge that when we use a search engine, we see screen captures of a step-by-step process to make it easier for the viewers to follow.
  • It is also used when sending emails to family and friends so we can show them what exact button to click on the web when they need help.

The capture program is available in any device including Android OS, iPhone OS, MAC OS X and Microsoft Windows (Windows 7, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and Windows Vista).  In Windows Vista, there’s a tool called Snipping Tool that allows users to take screenshots of windows, free form areas and rectangular areas. The screenshots or snips can be interpreted, emailed or saved as anHTML file or picture file.  The snipping tool is a capture software incorporated in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, Windows Vista and Windows 7.  There are several free screenshot software programs that you can download for your computer. Some freeware have the ability to record the screen. If you are using Windows Vista, here is a useful step-by-step guide on how to do screen capture:

  1. Open your computer. Click the Windows Vista symbol and type in “Snipping Tool” in the search engine box.
  2. Once the Snipping Tool icon appears, click the Snipping Tool link and then click the options icon. Once you have clicked the options icon, put a check mark on the quick launch toolbar display image then click okay. Close the Snipping Tool by clicking the “X” button.
  3. Click the Snipping Tool icon to take a screen shot.
  4. Click your mouse’s left click button and hold it. Then drag the box in the region of the screen that you would like to take a screen shot of and let go of the mouse key. After doing this, a window will appear with the image part showing.
  5. To save the screen shot image, click the FILE icon then click SAVE AS. It is up to you whether to save the screen shot image as GIF or JPEG. Once you have saved the screen shot image, you can now use the file for any function you would like.

Doing a screen capture in Windows Vista is fast and easy. Just follow the step-by-step guide for you to capture perfect screen shot images.  If you want to use third party screen capture software for your desktop computer, you can download several programs for free. Just don’t forget to scan the software first before downloading anything to your computer.


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