How To Download a File from a Remote Computer Using HyperTerminal

HyperTerminal, commonly known as HyperTerm, is software that can be utilized to connect your computer to another using your telephone line and modem. You can download and transfer a file from Bulletin Board Systems or from another computer.

If the file is from a Bulletin Board, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Navigate to your HyperTerminal Program. From desktop, click on the Start Button. Highlight Programs by pointing the cursor on it, then point your cursor to Accessories, highlight the Communications Menu, and click twice on HyperTerminal.
  2. Type the necessary information asked. Input the area code and telephone number of the bulletin board you want to access.
  3. Dial out. Once you've finished inputting the necessary information, hit the dial button so that the modem can dial out.
  4. When connected, check the user guides and instructions for downloading files. Bulletin boards will have different methods when downloading documents.
  5. Browse and look through the bulletin board. Look for the file you're downloading.
  6. When your download finishes, log out of the program to end the connection to the bulletin board.

If the file is from the computer of a friend, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Transferring files from your computer to a friend's computer, or vice versa, requires both you and your friend have a working landline, a telephone modem, and the HyperTerminal program installed on both computers. You and your friend both need to have these three resources before proceeding to transfer files to and from both computers, otherwise, downloading files using HyperTerminal won't be possible.
  2. Call the person the document will be coming from and inform them the number your computer will be using during transfer.  It is imperative for your friend to know the phone number that you will be using because without it, they cannot initiate the transfer of the file.
  3. Turn on your computer and Launch HyperTerminal. Launching your HyperTerminal program is done by hitting the start button, highlighting Programs, then highlighting Accessories, then Communications. In the Communications Menu, double click the icon for HyperTerminal to start the software.
  4. When HyperTerminal launches, from the Menu toolbar, hit Transfer. Doing so will open the Receive File window. You will need to input the folder where you want to save the document that you are receiving. The default folder where the received is stored is usually in My Documents but if you want to change the folder where the document will be saved, hit the Browse button and navigate to the folder of your choice. In the dropdown menu for receiving protocol, select Zmodem.
  5. Inform your friend if you are ready for the file transfer. Once you give them the go signal, their HyperTerminal program will now dial the number that you gave them and begin the connection. They will do this by choosing Send File option from the Transfer menu. As soon as they do this, the transfer will now commence.
  6. When the transfer is complete, close the program to end the connection between computers. Using this method of transfer is definitely easier and economical compared to using USB sticks and burned CD's to copy documents.


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