How To Download a News Headlines Widget

First of all, what are widgets and how are they useful to you? Downloading widgets is a way that you could automatically receive updates from your favorite website. These are applications that you could run, and depending on the type that you have installed, their function could range from giving information, helping you to organize your schedule, and providing you with entertainment. These widgets could be installed to your desktop or to your personal web pages. Since there are so many different kinds of widgets available for free, you could get virtually endless fun depending on your particular interests, and all for free, too!

Downloading a news headlines widget is easy as pie.  All you’d have to do is to find a website that provides the widgets that you want, then click on it. Usually you’d find a short description plus screenshot of the widget that you are interested in downloading.

Once you click on the widget, click on the “Start Install” button. A pop-up box to confirm whether you do want to save the file will appear; just click on the button, “Save File”. The download will complete shortly. Once you receive a report that the download has finished successfully, open this file in the downloads window and open the installer. Another pop-up box that confirms your intent to launch the installer will appear: just choose the “OK” button. By the way, at this point there will be a warning that since the file you’re downloading is an executable file, there’s a chance that your computer might get infected by a virus because of this process. If you got the widget from a reputable site, plus if you have a strong and updated anti-virus system in your PC, then there’s no need to worry.

That’s all you’ve got to do to download a widget to your PC. The bulk of your task in downloading a widget that gives you information such as politics news, world headlines and national headlines, healthcare news and black news would be knowing how to search for them.

You could go about your search for news widgets two ways. One of these is by going to dedicated websites that offer tons of different widgets, such as,, and Once you get to these websites, you could hunt for particular names of news widgets that you’d like, or you could click on the “news” category and choose from amongst the listings there. If you go to Widgets Yahoo, for example, you’d find choices such as NY Times Reader, Associated Press Reader, and different sports news updates.

Another way for you to hunt for news widgets is by typing down your favorite News channels at the widget search field. Some news sources you could search for include BBC News, NBC Nightly News, Fox News, CNN News and ABC News. You could also go to these news companies’ official websites and search for their offered widgets. By downloading widgets to these news broadcast channels, you’d be able to receive breaking news alerts and hourly pop up alerts on all the latest news it offers. You also have the option of choosing which particular news category you’d like, such as limiting the updates to finance news, headlines news, entertainment news, etc.

So there you have it! These are the ways you could download a news headline widget for free. You’d likely find a lot of available widgets no matter what your other interests are, so just be careful that you don’t get too overwhelmed by all the choices available! Good luck and have fun!


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