How To Download and Install Expert Advisor

How to download and install different Expert Advisors with lots of information.

Download the Expert Advisor – The best thing to do is to save it in a folder you created in advanced. The most recommended folder is downloads, but you can choose not to do that and just save it in a place you prefer or you would remember you saved it.

Some Expert Advisors come in the EXE format so all you need to do is just double click the file and run the installation, but some Experts are zipped in Zip/RAR or other kind of zipping format, then you will need to Un-Zip or Un-Rar them to the folder you wish and install the Expert Advisor from there.

The way the file was zipped is shown by an icon on the file name – the most common programs are: WinZip and Winrar that you can download if you don’t have them already installed; the download is free.

Installing Expert Advisor into the Metatradear - First copy the “.ex4” or “.mq4” file and not the entire folder, copy it to the installation folder of MetaTrader software; usually it will be under the C: drive in Program Files and there should be a folder called MetaTrader or the Broker name folder. Inside MetaTrader folder look for a folder called “experts” and open it.  Right click on a blank section inside the folder and paste the files you copied before by choosing the paste option.

Open MetaTrader platform, or if the MetaTrader platform is already open just restart it - To check if the installation was successful just go to “View” menu and then “Navigator” under the “Navigator” menu you will see Expert Advisor sub-menu – click on the plus icon and you should see your new Expert Advisor.

The third step is more individual per Expert but the main idea is the same per Expert: in the window that you just opened under View->Navigator you should see the Expert Advisor you just downloaded and installed and you should drag it into the charts you want the Expert Advisor to work and then just configure the Expert according to the manual or PDF file that comes with the Expert or login to the company website and check the support section.

This is additional part that talks about some more complicated Expert Advisors:

Most Experts are easy to donwload and install, but there are some Experts that do need special care.

Some Experts comes with a “.dll” extension, if so copy the dll file copy it to a separate folder called “libraries” folder that is located inside the Expert Advisor folder under the MetaTrader folder.

Some Experts include files with Expert Advisors are “indicators.” Indicator files need to go into the “experts”—->”indicators” directory again under the MetaTrader folder. 

Scripts go into “experts”—>”scripts” under Metatrader.

Some Experts come with a configuration file setting that was optimized in advanced – these files carry the “.set” extension
just copy them and paste them into “experts”—->”presets.”

Before you do that you need to drag the Expert Advisor into the desired currency chart you wish it to work on, then go to the settings section by clicking on the smiley face in the top right corner, click the load button and the “.set” file is ready to be opened, all you need to do is press load.


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