How To Download Computer TV Software

You were raring to watch a major football game with your best buddies, but you had to catch a flight to, say, New York, to attend a business convention there. Yes, you may have someone record it for you on tape, but then again there’s nothing like watching a game live, when you have no idea yet what the outcome will be. And didn’t you just hate it when your friends were texting you about how great the game was, and which team emerged the winner, and you haven’t even seen a glimpse of it yourself!

That scenario familiar? Well, thank goodness there’s something you could do about it. Ever heard of computer TV software?

In simplest terms, computer TV software enables you to watch TV programs live from your computer monitor. In essence, with computer TV software, you would be converting your laptop into a laptop TV, or your PC notebook into a veritable notebook TV. With these programs, you could still catch the actual airing of your favorite TV shows, yes, even while you’re on the road. In

So where can you find a computer TV software, and how do you download it to your computer?

  1. Know your options. First of all, know that there are several websites available that offer hundreds of channels that you could watch from your PC. Some of these are available for free, while some you would have to purchase. For example, you could try out the website that has a list of TV channels. You could also browse it according to location. Another website is, where you could choose TV shows by category: news, comedy, and action, to name a few.     You could take advantage of offered installation services for a fee (around $50, one-time payment) where you could simply follow instructions for downloading software that would convert your computer into a TV that enables you to watch thousands of channels from all over the world. The best thing about this is that you wouldn’t need any type of hardware, computer cables, adapters, connectors, or computer satellite; all you need would be your computer and an internet connection, and you’re all set to watch no matter where you are in the world. This is how the software works: TV stations broadcast their programs via their satellite TV program on this (using computers); the computer TV software that you install would convert the TV signals into signals that your computer can read. Through this, you would be able to watch these shows from your computer monitor. Check out, and for this offer.
  2. Get Miro, previously known as Democracy, is highly recommended by computer enthusiasts as a premiere website where you could watch internet TV. It’s very easy to download: first, go to the website. Second, click on the button that says, “Download Miro 2.5.3”. Once you click on this button, you pop-up box will appear that would give you the option to save the miro file. Once you click on Save File, a Miro set-up wizard will run you through the installation process. Choose to have Miro saved to your PC desktop. Once the wizard finishes, just double-click on the Miro icon on your desktop, in order to launch the program. Another highly-recommended and similar program is found at
  3. Use a TV tuner card. If you want to do computer recording of live TV shows, you need a TV tuner card. There are two types of TV tuner cards: one is an internal type and one is an external type. You could just plug in the external type of TV tuner into an available USB slot on your PC, while you install the internal one inside your computer – it’s best to hire a professional technician for this.

There you have it! These are just some of the ways you could watch TV through your computer. May be the next thing you need to know would be how on earth you could choose which channel to watch first, since you have so many options available! Have fun!


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