How To Download Free Hotel Reservation Software

To an outsider, owning and running a hotel is a prestigious career. Just take the case of a certain tycoon slash playboy George Wade who lives in a hotel he owns while fronting as the official spokesman of a huge business empire. George Wade of course is a character played by actor Hugh Grant opposite Sandra Bullock’s Lucy Kelson in the 2002 smash hit Two Weeks Notice. If you were able to watch that movie, you get the picture.

What the movie doesn’t reveal, however, is the hard work involved in running a hotel. Each day is different, offering up challenges that cannot possibly be foreseen. So it really is a big deal when you stumble upon software that can help you run things smoothly. For example, something free that makes room reservation a breeze.

Here’s how to download free hotel reservation software.

  1. Pick One. There are many free hotel reservation software to choose from. Some of these can be found using your preferred search engines. Naturally, the Internet is the fastest way you can avail of such but before you do, feel free to share your concerns with your colleagues in the Hospitality Industry. Their nuggets of advice will lead you to choosing the best from what’s offered on the Internet. Best of all, what works for their hotels will most likely work for you. In advertising parlance, it is testimonials that carry the best credibility so use this to your advantage.
  2. Prepare to download and install the software. Below is the procedure for successfully downloading and installing the software

  • Availing of the trial version. You will be asked to register as a user on a specific website. Then, proceed to fill in the fields labeled Preferences; Customer; Resort/Hotel; and so on and so forth.
  • Setting up the software. On this page, you will be directed to answer and fill-out all the fields pertinent to your business name, the nature of your business, the location of your business, contact details including but not limited to phone/fax/email/website, company logo, manpower complement, staff names, and their official designation.
  • Filling in the customer information.  This page lets you manage customer information e.g. name, customer number, personal information including but not limited to nationality, languages spoken, addresses, contact details, birthday, and special preferences. You can also update invoices and messages as needed.
  • Setting up price list and room number reservation. As you begin to fill in the field on this page, you will notice the occupancy rate changing automatically. On this page, you can also set the price points depending on the type of the room (De Luxe or Suite) and the peak and off season specials.
  • Setting up a price list for all items being sold. This can be anything from what’s on the menu to what’s being sold as souvenir items.
  • Using the email section of the software. You will never have to resort to using a separate email client to send mail to your customers. You can manage mass or individual email to your clients about updates, status of reservation, invoices, and birthday greetings without navigating off the software.
  • Updating or re-dating hotel occupancy. Once you finish filling out the necessary information needed on this page, you will have a complete database of unoccupied and occupied rooms in your hotel. This is updated by the system as you change the information.
  • Listing down hotel property for rent to hotel guests inclusive of hourly/flat rate fees. This does not pertain to real estate but property like motorbikes, paddles, kayaks, surfboards, jet skis, and others that can be rented out to hotel guests for a fee.

All these steps complete the downloading and installation process of free hotel reservation software. Now then, are you ready to redefine great customer service?


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