How To Download Free Music Tunes

Finding free music downloads used to be so difficult that people resort to illegal ways of acquiring them. It is an unnecessary risk that when caught, penalizes the person with a huge fine. However, these penalties do not seem to stop frugal music lovers from finding free music resources. It's a good thing the music industry has grown and adapted to the changing times by providing lots of sources for legally free downloads. This means that you can now enjoy your favorite music tunes and music mixes as soon as they are released. The deal, though, is in finding where these sources are online.

A great source for your most awaited dance tunes, remix tunes and pop music come from one of the biggest online shopping site, The company offers free new music downloads daily, aside from their regular downloads of old favorites. They also have special deals that enable you to score coupons that you can use to download music at discounted prices.

  1. Go to
  2. On the right menu list, choose MP3 Downloads, which will then redirect you to that section.
  3. You will see either a section on Free Downloads & Special Deals.
  4. Also, watch out for their banners for more free stuff. They usually put up more when there is something to commemorate like the holiday season, music awards and such.

iTunes is also fast becoming a popular site for downloading free music. What's more, they have some of the best and widest selections of techno tunes, band tunes, dance tunes, remixes and indie choices. The only thing though, is they offer free new music downloads for a certain period only. But this deal is better than nothing.

  1. Install the iTunes program on your computer by getting the application at iTunes.
  2. Once done, check out the iTunes Homepage and in the bottom right, you will find the link to the Free Single of The Week.
  3. Check back regularly for more free song selections.

The Internet is teeming with websites that offer free music tunes download with no strings attached and with no obligation required from you. The choices are also plenty. Some even have obscure titles you would probably be very surprised to find. Here are a few of the most recommended sites:

Thanks to technology and the popularity of portable players, free music sources are understandably very high. Not only are music producers embracing this, even the artists themselves are willing to give some of their music away for free. It has now become a marketing strategy that should help curb illegal downloads. In the years to come, there should hopefully be more sources for all these good free music. But as it is, there are more than enough choices on our plate.

Happy listening!


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