How To Download New Updates for Windows Vista

You may have installed different programs in your Windows Vista-run computer like Microsoft Office, Google Earth or one of those programs that keeps you informed with the latest movies by giving you free movie trailers. Did you know that for these programs to work properly, it is necessary that you keep them updated? Windows Updates are important to keep your computer system secured and up-to-date. Some of these updates contain fixes for security holes and bugs. It may also contain drivers that your computer needs to properly work with other devices. For Windows Vista users, a Windows Update service is provided which downloads and installs the necessary updates for your computer so you don't have to go searching for them in different websites. These updates usually come free so you do not have to shell out any money. Here are some steps on how to download new updates for Windows Vista.

  1. As you set up your new PC, the installation wizard will ask you if you want to help protect Windows automatically. You will be given three options for this. You could choose the first option "Use recommended settings" which will automatically download all the important and recommended updates for your computer. This is also the recommended setting by Microsoft. The second option is "Install important updates only." This will only download the important updates that your computer needs to work properly. The third option will let you postpone setting which option you want for the automatic updates.
  2. If you already chose which automatic update setting you want but you want to modify it, you could press the "Start" button from the main window screen, then navigate to "All Programs" and then click "Windows Update." The window for Windows Update will pop-up and you can now select which setting you prefer more. The same options as specified in item one can be seen in this screen.
  3. When your computer has other Microsoft software aside from Windows, you can also use the Microsoft Update to keep these programs updated. This software includes Microsoft Office's Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word. These programs also need updates so that previous errors are solved and new features can be added. To turn this on, you have to navigate to the "Start" button, select "All Programs," and then click "Windows Update." Once the Windows Update screen appears, you need to look for the "Get updates for more products" button. If the button is missing, then it means that you have already enabled the Microsoft Update. There are available instructions that you need to follow to make Microsoft Update work in your machine. Once this is enabled, Windows Update will scan your computer for updates for Windows as well as the different Microsoft products currently installed in your computer system.

Thanks to Windows Vista's Windows Update service, users like you need not have to worry while browsing through different websites to look for updates to make sure that your computer is up-to-date and protected. By simply setting this on, it will automatically download the updates that the software in your computer needs. You can then install these updates in your computer through the Windows Update screen.


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