How To Download Rational Software

Rational software is a tool that is used for pre-production software product testing. As software today becomes more and more complex, plenty of issues arise such as compatibility with other operating systems and bugs or computer programming and codes that can cause unpredicted reactions with each other. If you are a software engineering firm, Rational Software is one of the products that can help you carry out powerful software testing and analysis. Here's how you can download Rational Software.

  1. Check the demo. Before downloading the software, it is best for you to check the demonstration videos first. There is other product testing software in the market. For you to be sure that you are making the right choice in purchasing Rational Software, learn as much as you can about the product first. There are demos available on the Rational Software website. The video demos will give you a brief overview of the functions, features, and the various applications for Rational Software.
  2. Sign up. Next, sign up on the website. Signing up on the website will allow you to purchase and download the Rational Software easily. During the sign up, you will have access to the forums and communities that are focused on Rational Software, which can provide you with valuable help when it comes to using the software product optimally. When signing up, you also have the option of creating a comprehensive account that includes the billing details. This will allow you to easily conduct online transactions and payments with the IBM Company who owns Rational Software, when you finally decide to purchase the software.
  3. Compatibility. Make sure that the software is fully compatible with all of the computer units where you will be installing the software. Check for the system requirements, the operating system, and the computer platform that you will be using. All of these should work with the Rational Software. Although the software is generally usable on most professional computers, you should also make sure that the tests that you will be making using Rational Software can be carried out using your system resources and computer.
  4. Download the trial version. After signing up, the next step is to download. The trial version is available on the site, and will give you a limited use of the product. The purpose for the trial version is not for you to be able to complete the actual testing and analysis, but simply to be able to acquaint yourself with the features that the product has. The trial version can be downloaded by right clicking on the link on the IBM website. Search for the Rational Software product of choice in the alphabetical list of products that the site sponsors. Afterwards, the file will be saved on your computer.

Downloading time will depend on your system requirements, web browser, and internet connection. Once it has fully been downloaded, right click on the file and run the installer. Follow the on-screen directions, and check the ‘Trial Version' tab which will give you limited use of the software. If you are satisfied, you can then purchase the license key from Rational Software, to unlock the full features of the product.


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