How To Download Your Favorite TV Shows to Your Computer

You’ll be amazed at how vast the Internet has changed how we view multimedia in the past few years. Ages ago, people could only record TV shows on VHS or betamax. Many years later, who would have known that watching TV shows that have long left the airwaves is still possible? With the huge collection of videos found on the Internet, it’s very likely that your favorite TV show can be found in there somewhere, such as YouTube or Google Videos.

Here are a few ways on how to download your favorite TV shows to your computer. Note that some of these may be considered illegal or unethical.

List all the TV shows you would like to download. Have a list of TV shows to download ready. It helps to be organized, no matter how simple and easy your task will be. This will be helpful in the sense that you won’t be leaving anything out. It will also ensure a faster and smoother downloading process because all you’ll have to do is keep on encoding the titles of the TV shows and clicking the download icon, at the same time removing on your list those you have already downloaded. This is especially helpful if the shows you want to watch can’t all be located in one single source.

Go to each TV show’s website. If you know the official websites of the TV shows you favor, you can check these out. Some producers officially release episodes of their shows online. Downloading episodes or scenes directly from their website also gives you the assurance that what you are doing is legal. Also, this gives you a better sense of security, since the files you download will be free of viruses and other malware.

Enter the TV shows’ names on Google. Entering the names of the TV shows or episodes on Google would help in downloading these files as well. Doing so would narrow down your search and give you different websites from which you can download episodes. This would also be helpful because some websites let you download even those other related TV shows you may have forgotten or not have written down on your list.

Download videos from torrents. Torrents let you download bits and pieces of files from other users around the world. This can be faster, because you don’t have to download a large stream of file at one time. You have to download a .torrent file from torrent trackers like The Pirate Bay, which will tell your Torrent software where each bit and piece of a file can be found. It’s just a matter of entering titles of videos or songs on the search boxes and clicking enter to search for results. However, torrents are mostly considered illegal, because of the file-sharing nature of this protocol. You should also be wary of viruses and other malware that might be included in your downloads.

Try YouTube. If you cannot download your TV shows, then maybe you can watch them as streaming videos online. YouTube has a huge collection of TV episodes, mostly uploaded by enthusiasts, but some officially uploaded by studios. There are some bootlegged copies, though, which might not sit well with those with ethical as well as legal concerns.

Compared to the old and ancient ways of recording re-runs of past TV shows and episodes, finding and watching TV shows is easier today. The process usually just involves entering a title into search boxes, and the results are there for you to sift through and choose.


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