How To Draw Cartoons in Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint is a simple tool that you can use to draw, edit and save pictures in bitmap (.bmp) format. The saved pictures can be printed, set as your desktop wallpaper or even use in other documents.  Familiarize yourself with the tools in Microsoft Paint to be able to draw. The paint toolbar that is located on the left side of the canvass contains the tools that you will use for drawing.

  • Canvass – the area where you paint or edit.
  • Free-Form Select Button – star shaped icon used to select areas in any image and shape. It selects areas that you can copy and paste or fill with color.
  • Select Button – dotted rectangle icon used to select rectangular areas of an image. It selects areas that you can copy and paste or fill with color.
  • Magnifying Tool – magnifying glass icon used to zoom in and out the image to get a better view.
  • Straight Line – slant line icon used to make straight lines.
  • Free-Form Line – pencil icon used for freehand drawing.
  • Curve Line – wavy line icon used to create curve lines.
  • Ellipse or Circle – ellipse icon used to create ellipse and circle.
  • Rectangle or Square – solid rectangle icon used to make squares and rectangles.
  • Polygon – L shaped icon used to create a shape with many sides.
  • Add Text – “A” icon used to add text.
  • Color box – palette used to set the background and foreground color.
  • Eyedropper Icon – used to get the existing color of an image.
  • Paint Can Icon – used to fill a selected area with color. Make sure that there are no gaps on the area you would like to fill, as the color will leak through the other areas. You can zoom in the selected area to check for gaps.
  • Paint Brush – used to color an area or to draw freehand.
  • Airbrush – used to create an effect using an airbrush.
  • Eraser – used to erase lines or colors.

You can draw using the freehand tool/pen or use the shapes and lines to create a cartoon drawing like an animal. Below are steps that you can follow to draw a cartoon cat using Microsoft Paint.

  • Open Microsoft Paint by clicking on START > PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > PAINT.
  • The paint window will open which is known as the canvass.
  • Click the ellipse tool to create 3 ovals. One oval will serve as the head, a smaller one for the shoulder and another oval for the hind legs that must be smaller than the one for the shoulder.
  • Draw a neck using the pen tool.
  • Draw another oval for the body to join the shoulder and the hind legs.
  • Draw two triangles for the ear, a wavy tail and two front legs using the pen tool.
  • Put two dots on the face that will serve as the eyes, a small triangle for the nose and curve line for the mouth.
  • Add horizontal lines on the face for the whiskers.
  • Use the paintbrush or paint can icon to add colors to the drawing.

Microsoft Paint is user friendly that’s why you can learn it easily. You can undo an action to revert to the previous stage by clicking edit on the file menu and click undo or by clicking the undo button which is the icon pointing to the left. You can only use the undo option three times.


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