How To Drive Traffic to Your Website

Tips to Get More Visitors to your Website

Having a professionally-designed website with all the information that one might need is meaningless if it does not have any visitors. One must drive enough traffic to his website in order to pass the information to the required audience. There are various ways that a website owner can use to drive traffic to his site so as to have a good number of visitors.

  1. Register with the major search engines. A search engine is an online application that contains a database of websites in the Internet. People register their website so that other users can find them whenever they enter a relevant search criteria. Most people use search engines to find information in the Internet. The search engines then match the website content with the search criteria and list a number of sites in their results page for the user to select. If your site is listed among the search results and the user clicks on the link that refers to your site, s/he will be directed to your site.
  2. Have a  “Tell a Friend” form in your website. This is a very useful way of expanding the network of the visitors to your site. Here's how it works: When a visitor visits your site and finds some useful information which he wants another of his friends to look at, he can enter the email address of the friend and an email will be sent with the information about the page plus a link to your website. If the friend finds the information of the email useful, he can click on a link in the email and be redirected to your website. By doing this, you will be driving more traffic to your website.
  3. Send newsletter to your registered members. Newsletters act as a way of reminding your subscribers of new changes, information or even new products that are available in your website. When your visitors subscribe to the newsletters, you can then send them weekly newsletters with some links to various pages in your website. They can then visit your website frequently, thus creating traffic.
  4. Look for a simple, unique and memorable domain name. Give your visitors the ease of remembering the domain name of your website. There might be similar domain name to yours or those that sound like misspelling of your domain name--consider purchasing them and making them your own so that in a case where a visitor misspells your domain name, he will still be directed to your site.
  5. Start an affiliate programs and receive visitors from your affiliates. You can also increase traffic to your site by starting an affiliate program which will enable your affiliates to send traffic to your website. By this you can be rest assured that if your affiliate programs are good enough, then you will receive a good number of visitors.
  6. Put a domain name on your business cards. Business cards give people your contact information and you can use this opportunity to let these people know about your website. Among the details that you place in your business card, put your domain name so that people who have the card can visit your website. After placing your domain name in your business card, distribute the cards anywhere you go in order to have the maximum number of people who have your contact details. This can help you drive more traffic to your website.
  7. Contribute to people's blogs. Contributing to peoples blogs can be a very effective way of pulling traffic toward your website. When you leave comments at these blogs, remember to leave a back-link to your site so as to pull enough traffic to your site. Also remember to leave your link to blogs relevant to your site.

Information is power but it is meaningless to have very rich information that no one or very few people can access. Let the information in your website be seen all over the world by creating enough traffic to your website.


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I will now put my sites in my business card. Thanks for the suggestion.

By Mary Norton

Wayne, thanks for the additions. I think I will try your ideas out in my new website which is under construction.

By Edward Omoto

Hi! Thanks for the excellent tips. It appears that points one and four require to be interchanged.Would like to add that it is advisable to 'network' with similar content. This can be achieved by providing links to similar domains ,communities on orkut or social networking sites. Also think that Adwords can be an excellent tool in a pay to play scenario.

By Wayne DSouza