How To Easily Learn Guitar Online

If you want to learn guitar, and you'd like to start out on your own, the internet can be a fantastic resource to make those first (and even master-level) steps much easier.

  1. Find a web site that has samples of the type of music you want to play. Look for videos that have the style you want to play. Be sure you like the teacher’s method of explaining things. If something they do or a mannerism they have is annoying, it will get more annoying as time goes by. Listen carefully to determine if the quality of music they play is really professional.
  2. For beginners it is just as important to learn proper technique as it is to learn notes, cords and music theory. Pick a web site that teaches technique.
  3. Find a site that teaches how to read music as well as tablature. Understanding both methods will make you a more versatile and creative musician in the long term. An online metronome, fret board printer, music dictionary and ability to print from the site are very valuable.
  4. The web site should also teach you how to practice. Many bad habits can be learned, and practicing them over and over again just makes you good at playing bad. Find a site that teaches what, how, why, when and where to practice. You can speed up the learning curve by practicing the correct way. All of the time used to unlearn things could be spent learning new things or improving on your quality of playing.
  5. Learn the difference between rhythm, melody and harmony. Especially for bass and drums, this is a necessity.
  6. Learn the difference between chords and scales. Learn when to play more and when to play less when supporting a band.
  7. Learning intervals between the notes is just as important if not more important than the notes themselves. Pick a site that covers the difference thoroughly.
  8. Have predetermined goals and practice to achieve them. When you have no goals you are going nowhere.
  9. Don’t buy too much stuff. Learn to use what you have first before buying more and more books, accessories and instruments.
  10. Hearing can also be improved through online sites. Try different sample programs before buying.
  11. Find a live person to teach you at the same time you are learning from the web sites. Using both forms of teaching will enhance your abilities and just make you a better musician.
  12. Play along with other musicians as soon as possible. It will not take long before you can become a regular member of a band. Live practice sessions, rehearsals and performances teach things that can’t be found elsewhere. There’s nothing better than being embarrassed in front of people to keep you motivated to improve. Of course the praise for doing well is nice too.


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