How To Enhance and Resize a Photo for Craigslist

Craigslist is quite phenomenal. It brought selling on the net into greater heights. In fact, during the first quarter of 2009, its classified advertising rocketed and broke records. It seemed that everybody jumped into the bandwagon.

Of course, if you don’t want to miss the opportunity, sell something on Craigslist. You can enhance your success by posting clear and quality photos. Also, don’t forget that the size of your photos matters. Here are some guidelines on how you can enhance and resize your photos for Craigslist:

  • Be more familiar with Craigslist’s exclusive content management system. Note that Craigslist permits you to upload a maximum of four photos. Each photo can be in 300 x 225 pixels.
  • Your four photos are positioned right below under your advertisement. Observe that they are a lot smaller compared with the one on the left. By exploring the Craigslist’s content management system, you can dramatically rework your photos. You can have bigger and more optimized. Imagine having each of your photos in 400 x 800 pixels!
  • Photos say a thousand words. If you don’t have eye for photography, learn some techniques. Your goal is to capture great digital images of your “item” for sale. In short, it is not really going to help if you just snap your digital camera. You need to know about composition. Make sure that when you point and click your digital camera, you are going to capture something stunning or eye-catching. You may visit Discover what tricks are going to work for a newbie like you.
  • Discover photo magic. Check out if your digital camera comes with photo enhancement tools. Generally, a digital camera is packaged with photo transfer software. You can toy your photos’ contrast and brightness. Or, you can resize or crop them as you please.
  • However, if you are already more experienced, eye for an advanced software. You have tons of choices and you may even find the best one out there – for free. One of the highly recommended programs is Picasa. It functions well for PC, Mac, or Linux.
  • Recolor and resize your photos. Here is a simple trick. Begin the enhancement and resizing process by cropping your photos. After that, adjust them to become 800 pixels in width. You can rely on Craigslist’s tool in optimizing your photos automatically or manually. One practical technique or setting is to maximize your photos, allowing them to occupy the screen area – 1024 x 768. Leave some white space to surround them so you can readily improve your advertisement’s overall readability.

Is your computer open 24/7? Do you have a fixed or static IP address? If you don’t meet these two requirements, your best option is to look for free hosting. Free hosting permits your photos to be seen all the time. Your photos are given specific addresses. Those links enables Craigslist to access your photos anytime, instantaneously. With this setup, your newly enhanced and resized photos are certainly going to be noticed by Internet surfers worldwide. All you need to do is to wait for the right buyer. Follow these steps if you wish to post your new Craigslist advertisements.


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