How To Ensure Domain Name Security

A domain name is one's online identity. It is how you or your website is known in the internet. Losing it is like losing your identity in cyberspace. There are many stories of domain name theft or hijacking circulating in the internet. This means others may control or redirect your domain name to another site or use your domain's email address for illegal and fraudulent activities.

In order to protect your domain name and ensure its security, several things need to be done. One, choose a reliable Registrar. A domain name registrar is a company accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to whom you register your domain name. Choose one who has implemented security measures and safety features. Also, to safeguard your domain name, choose a Registrar with a Domain Lock or Registrar Lock feature. Once this Domain Lock is activated, changes to your domain will no longer be permitted. Using your domain name username and password will not be enough. You have to unlock your domain first before making changes. This will protect you from unauthorized changes including accessing, transferring, hijacking of domain to another registrar by another party.      

Two, choose a username and password that cannot be easily deciphered. Be sure that you easily remember both the domain name username and password. Avoid using birthdays, anniversaries or common passwords which will allow easy access. Another option is to keep the files of username and password in a secure and safe place. Your registrant information (including your username and password) should be kept private, secure and recoverable.

Three, register your domain name personally. This is important because the Registrant is the domain owner. This means only the registrant has the right to buy and sell the domain. Treat your domain name as if it were your asset. Be conscious about security concerns. Remember, this is your identity in the internet. Treat it as if it is your actual or physical identity.

Four, if you assign a domain Administrator or Administrative Contact other than yourself, make sure he can be trusted. The Administrator or Administrative Contact can transfer the domain to another registrar even without the permission or knowledge of the domain owner. This is to prevent the possibility of having a disgruntled Administrator or Administrative Contact who may eventually sell or use your domain name for other purposes.

Five, do not allow your domain to expire. If you plan to keep your domain name, keep the expiry date in mind. There are a lot of people who are interested in buying domain names especially if the domain name is famous or if your website attracts a lot of visitor traffic. They could grab the opportunity to buy this and sell it to you or to anyone for a higher price. This scenario has already occurred and some domain names have even been sold for millions of dollars.

So remember this. Your domain name is your asset. Ensure its security and prevent domain name hijacking or theft. Be alert.


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