How To Expand Your Newsletter Mailing List

Whether you are using third party newsletter services or using your own email to do the job, managing your newsletter means a lot to the success of your website. Since your main goal is to let your site viewers get the right dose of information that you want them to have and get a subscription of whatever services you have on site, making sure your mailing list is done efficiently is key.

There are two basic necessities to consider when dealing with newsletter mailing lists. One is to figure out a way on how visitors sign up or register and second, is to make a way for you to send these subscribers or your mailing list the information you want them to receive. Such processes require adequate mail space and mail management to have good control over spamming, blocking subscribers, working on confirmation messages and adding or deleting subscribers.

Unless you’re already using your own email software that your web administrator provided, you may either choose from among the free mailing list hosts available. One example is Topica. This mailing list wonder enables you to easily work on your ezine, discussion groups, forums, and newsletter for free just like Yahoo!Groups. Subscribers can easily add or remove themselves from your site’s subscription list through a web interface or by email. The usual process is that Topica will send your site subscribers a confirmation email that the subscriber must respond to verify the subscription and avoid email spamming or even identity theft. Importing up to 500 existing mailing addresses into your list is also possible with Topica to save you precious time and give you ease of mail management.

Another reliable free mailing list host is Zinester. It offers free message scheduling and subscription web forms in plain text or HTML format and the best part is that is allows up to 100,000 subscribers on your site. Your marketing is sure to get bolstered by Zinester’s opt-in mailing lists and newsletters, since it sure meets the demand for e-publishing. It even allows for deferred posting wherein you can set the time and date an issue or newsletter can be posted to make sure everything is still operating while you’re away or out of town. The secret to successfully managing your strategies is to track the effectiveness of your newsletter campaign and Zinester provides you with clicks-through-statistics that show which feature of your site are favorites, and show you how many subscribers actually open your newsletters or emails.

Aside from these examples and a whole lot of other newsletter mailing list hosts, you can basically consider expand your newsletter mailing options by using Announcement lists or Discussion lists. The former is where the web master or the owner of the site can post announcements to the entire list while the latter allows for a more interactive discussion among the owner and the subscribers. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to be doing an effective marketing strategy for your website.


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