How To Export an Excel Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel, provides tools for arranging data electronically. It provides certain features for arranging and manipulating data, such as built in formulas that range in complexity as well as converting data in charts and graphs. You can make your processed data more accessible by exporting it to other programs such as a text file or a web page.

Exporting an Excel Spreadsheet to a Word document

This would allow for easy viewing of tables and displaying important information.

There are two ways to export, first is by copy and paste, and another is by actually exporting data from Excel and importing it to Word.

Copy paste method:

  1. Open both the Excel program and a Word document.
  2. Select the intended area or table that you want to copy by highlighting.
  3. Go to edit on the menu bar and click copy.
  4. Go to the word document and on its menu bar, go to edit and click paste.
  5. Arrange the table according to your preference.

Exporting the data to Word method:

  1. Open the Excel document.
  2. Click on file on the menu bar then save as for Excel document.
  3. For its file type drop down menu at the bottom, select either 'CSV (comma delimited)' or 'Text (tab delimited)' option.
  4. Your file is now a .csv type; rename it if you want to change the current name.
  5. Open the Word document on file menu bar, click open and find the .csv file you just saved.
  6. Once the data is there, click to insert menu and table, and then find the option convert text to table.
  7. A window will pop. Look at the bottom part, since your data are separated by commas, select comma.
  8. Click OK.

Exporting an Excel data to a Webpage

This would allow for the distribution and easier access of your spreadsheet data online.

  1. Open the Excel sheets that you want to publish as a web page.
  2. Click on file on the menu bar then click on Save As Webpage.
  3. Find the Publish button, then a box named Publish a webpage will pop up.
  4. Check the choose field, it should show Items on X.
  5. Check the list below the field. Sheet All Contents of X should be highlighted.
  6. To make your spreadsheet interactive, select Add Interactivity With on the checkbox. You can choose either spreadsheet functionality or PivotTable functionality when adding interactivity.
  7. You can add title to your worksheet on the webpage, to do this, select Change button.
  8. Select a location for your webpage, click Browse, you can now save or publish to a web server or folder.
  9. Click Publish.

If you want to see your published page automatically, check Open published page in browse.

Exporting an Excel spreadsheet is an uncomplicated and easy process. Since the program provides a variety of features, it is not surprising that you can benefit from being able to export it to different programs and even publishing it on the web.


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