How To Find a Commodity Price

A commodity price is the average price of different commodities. These commodities fall under different categories, such as energy, metals and agriculture. It is important for traders and investors to know the present and future prices of these commodities so that they can be protected against inflation and so that they can be aware of the real time prices of the different commodities.

There are some websites on the Internet that you can visit so that you can take note of the commodity prices for the past years, the real time commodity and also the future prices. Here is a list of some of the websites where you can get this information:

  • This website will show you articles and commodity price charts for the past years. You will see price charts from 2003, 2005 and 2006. There are also recently added commodity price charts for the agricultural markets and financial markets. Some of the commodities that are listed here include cattle, hogs, wheat, cotton, sugar, coffee, soybeans, copper, gold, currencies, silver, rough rice, cocoa, coffee and many more. You can view all the articles here for free.
  • Futures This is another website where you can get free commodity chart prices. This is one of the best sources for futures and commodity prices. Some of the price quotes that you will find here include currency futures quotes, food and fiber futures quotes, grain and oilseed futures quotes, metal futures quotes and many more. Aside from these, you can also view commodity charts and futures news. There is also a commodity traders' forum and a course on commodities trading.
  • Bloomberg. This is the web page for Bloomberg's commodity futures chart. On this page, you will find energy, agriculture, industrial materials, precious metals and livestock. You can see the price, the change, the percentage in change and the time. The information here is from the commodity trades on various trading sessions.
  • UNCTAD. This is the website for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Here, you can find commodity price statistics every month for free. There is also a link on the website that will tell you how you can subscribe to this service. The commodities that you can see on the price charts are food, vegetables, oilseeds, agricultural products, raw materials, minerals and precious metals.
  • Index Mundi. This is a website where you can view commodity price indices for different commodities. Some of the charts that you will see here are for agricultural materials, beverages, fuel, food, metals, coal, crude oil, liquefied natural gas, coffee, cocoa beans, fruits, meat, seafood, sugar and a lot more. You can sign up on the website so that you can get a notice in your inbox if the commodity data on the website has been updated.

These are the websites where you can find commodity prices. All of these websites provide the commodity price charts for free. It is advisable that you sign up on the websites so that you can automatically receive an update when the data has changed. By doing this, you do not have to visit the websites regularly.


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