How To Find a Hosting Reseller

Apart from your domain, for you to be online you must have a web host, some sort of a ‘home' in the cyber world. And just like ‘normal homes,' there are people re-selling web hosting, called a web host reseller.

Reseller hosting means a web host is reselling his allotted bandwidth for use by other parties/websites. Having purchased more bandwidth (bulk bandwidth order comes cheaper) from a major web server, the host reseller now has a ‘shared' bandwidth that goes for a price, of course, if you want to use it. He can rent a dedicated server from a major web host to be eligible to sell the service.

Do not expect any other technical service as the reseller can be just considered an ‘agent' who would sell the web hosting service of a major provider. He does not have his own infrastructure on connections needed for him to host independently or directly. He is also dependent on the technical support and other equipment of the hosting company (or sometimes called collocation).

To find a reseller, try the following:

  1. Go to forums. If you are thinking of having your presence known in the cyber world, for sure by now you are familiar with sites and forums dedicated to web hosting. You would be able to find resellers at such sites. Read if there are any reviews of poor service from that reseller. Check on ads and contact the reseller for a quote on their services.
  2. Contact other online companies not necessarily about web hosting. If you have availed the services of a web design company, you can contact them and ask them to refer you to a reseller. This means this referral can be trusted as of course they would not refer you to someone who is questionable since you have been a client.

There are advantages as to why resellers are preferred by some online clients.

  1. They can provide better customer service. Having fewer clients to deal with means faster response in cases where you need response to your concern or query.
  2. You only need to deal with the person or reseller instead of getting in touch with a major company, where you have to go through a long-process for assistance.
  3. While there are no options of unlimited bandwidth, you can just purchase exactly what you need and pay for it accordingly.

Free web space is not really ideal online as you would definitely need technical support for the maintenance of your site.

Just make sure you have disclosed all information about your needs to your reseller so you won't be bombarded with concerns particularly about bandwidth as the main reason why clients are not able to see you. Definitely you do not want to see ‘exceeded bandwidth' to be flashed at the screen of your visitors because of poor communication with your reseller. But once you find your reseller, you can expect to have the bandwidth that you need for your cyber home.


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