How To Find a Marriage Separation Agreement Online

It is a difficult decision to part ways with someone with whom you swore to live until you get separated naturally. But there are times when circumstances inside the home and between partners become so unbearable that separation is the only solution to restore sanity and have peace of mind.

Even though you still need to consult with a divorce attorney, separation can be expedited by online services. All you need to do is find the right information and reputable company which offers online services for separation and divorce. Some couples opt to prepare their own separation agreement in consultation with their lawyers, while some will only require a standard separation agreement, especially if the separation is uncontested and there are no minor children involved in the separation.

Below are some sites you can check to view samples of separation agreements should you wish to know what is included in a divorce agreement or you decide to file the papers yourself.

  • Family.FindLaw. This is a very informative website. Look for the section that deals with family law. You will find several forms here related to divorce as well as resources and information on separation and divorce. You can read topics such as Legal Separation, Before Divorce, Divorce Timeline, Spousal Support Basics, and property and debt division. You can also read on state by state legal requirements for divorce.
  • This is another very informative website with several forms that you can download. The website contains a disclaimer and states that the forms are provided as is and you must check out the actual divorce/separation requirements that vary from state to state. You can also find a child support calculator here, where to find a divorce lawyer from any state, and read various articles on different topics from auto accidents to wills and trusts. The website also offers online registration if you opt to process your divorce online.
  • US Legal The website offers updated and correct separation forms per state for a fee. There are five types of separation agreements per state. The forms are used by lawyers, businesses and the public. You have the option to download individual forms or select all the forms that you need and make a package. You can see the individual price of every form. There is an option to download the forms or have them delivered by snail mail. You can also opt to be a member of this website and avail of member discounts. The site not only offers forms, it contains valuable and updated information that you can read to help you in your separation and divorce, as well as summaries of separation law per state. There are links to other resources, websites and statistics.

You have to note that separation laws vary from state to state and you still need to seek professional advice and legal assistance to process your papers. Some of the sites enumerated above offer you the option to sign up and be connected to a lawyer to help you with the proceeding and filing of your papers, provided that the divorce is a non-contested one and child custody is not an issue in the divorce.


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