How To Find a Post Office Box Address

Many consumers and businesses choose to use a Post Office box address as a secure way to receive mail. The Postal Service values the privacy of its customers, so it won't reveal to you the address or account holder for any Post Office box. However, there may be times when you need to find some Post Office box addresses. You can find a Post Office box address with some assistance of online search tools.

First you will want to use an online search directory to locate a Post Office box address and the account holder. Online you can find various tools to find the information you are looking for such as the account holder for the box. One website you can utilize is the search engine Info Search.

The second step is to provide Info Search with the Post Office box number and zip code you are trying to search. After that you will have to pay a fee for the company to investigate. Once the investigation is complete, they will provide you with the actual address on file for the account holder.

You can also find out the physical location of most Post Office boxes. The website Black Book Online is free to use. They will ask you to the box number and zip code to give you the street address information of the actual Post Office box.

Another thing you can do is find out if the organization has a Post Office box search engine. Some colleges like Georgia State University allow you to use their search engine. All you will need to know is the person's name or department to look up their Post Office box number.

If you are trying to find a certain Post Office box address of a business sometimes all you need to do is look at their business website under their contact page.

The Internet can be a useful tool to find out information you need. As you can see locating the address of a Post Office box is not hard to do. If you only want to find the address of a Post Office box your search will be easy. If you're looking for more private information perhaps to sue in court for a product not received your searching will be a little harder and you'll have to pay a fee. That being said please use information you find on the Internet responsibly.


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