How To Find a Reputable Web Hosting Site for Reasonable Money

Searching for a web host for your company's web page is not difficult. Just a simple search in a search engine will reveal numerous results. These web hosts offer a broad range of features, and their prices are almost all the same. A good web host offers a good set of features for a reasonable price.

Still, there are plenty of things you should consider before hiring a web host. Does the web host have every feature you need? It is better to make sure that the web host has the capability of giving your page everything it needs. A web host that gives you a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied is a good option.

In choosing a web host, you might consider:

  • Customer service - companies that do not respond within 24-hours aren't reputable web hosts. You might need technical assistance in setting up your web page. A web host that gives well-informed responses may be considered.
  • Bandwidth - having at least 1GB of data transfer per month is not bad. Bandwidth is the measure of your web page's network resource capacity. If you are planning on putting large size files on your web page, then you will need higher bandwidth. Bandwidth increases usually cost you more.
  • Storage - you may not need large size or disk storage space, but some web hosts offer bigger storage space for a lower cost.
  • Server Speed - you do not want your visitors to wait when they enter your page. Check your web host server speed. There is software that can help you measure the speed of a certain server.
  • Domain name - some companies give one free domain name for each plan. Others charge you extra money monthly. You may choose to add another domain name, but this will cost you more.
  • Email accounts - you need a company that lets you use mail forwarding and auto responder. This can save you time and help you in managing your company's emails. Auto responder is a web-based application that sends a reply mail to people who email you.
  • File Transfer Protocol - all paid web hosts should have this basic stuff. FTP is a good thing because it supports resumable downloads.
  • Server security -this is used for online transactions, and you might lose transactions without this security feature. Some web hosts offer SSL for free, and others will charge you monthly.
  • Uptime - if possible, choose a web host that guarantees nearly 100% uptime. Check the server specifications and connection to ensure your server stability.
  • CGI scripts - A good web host should allow you to add your own CGI scripts. Shopping cart programs and form email usually uses CGI scripts.
  • Extra Features - Make sure your web host offers other features that you need, like Database access, PHP, java applets, Mysql, and others.
  • Backup - Back up of your web directory must be daily. This is standard in the web hosting field.

A good web host must meet your web page requirements. It might also offer options to upgrade your website. Reading website and company reviews may also help you in considering a reliable web host.


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