How To Find a Zip Code

For most people, the really difficult part of sending mail is actually remembering what the area code or ZIP code for a place is and putting this down along with the address. The ZIP Code, short for Zone Improvement Plan, is the system invented by the United States Postal Service, and has since been adopted and used by other countries as well. The system was designed to allow mail to travel through more efficient routes, and so be delivered in a safer manner and more quickly.  While you don't necessarily have to know the ZIP code to be able to send your letter or package, knowing what the ZIP code is for the place you want to send it to would ensure that your mail reaches the place you want it to go a lot quicker than it normally would without a ZIP code. Some online shops have even come to require you to give your city's ZIP code if you want a delivery to your place. Fortunately, finding a ZIP code no longer needs to involve trawling laboriously through the yellow pages or ringing up the postal service to ask for a ZIP code or address. You can search for a ZIP code simply enough and you can do it completely online. This is what you need to do:

  1. Log on to the United States Postal Service (USPS) official site.
  2. On the top portion of the page, to the left and just under the USPS logo, click on the “Find a ZIP Code” button.
  3. What follows is the slightly tricky part. If you know the address and only need to find the ZIP code for it, click on “Search by Address.” After you've typed in the address, along with the city and state, click on “Submit.” You will then be given the ZIP code for the address you've written. For a list of all the registered ZIP codes within a particular city, select “Search by City.” You can select the “Find All Cities in a ZIP code” option if you want to have a comprehensive list of the places that belong under one particular ZIP code.
  4. If you want to confirm the ZIP code for a company, click on “Search by Company” and submit the company name and address. Wait for the ZIP code to be given to you.

You can also look elsewhere on the net for service involving finding zip codes. White is a site other than the USPS where you can search for ZIP codes for free. White Pages also offers the option for reverse lookup, so you can find out what the address for one place is if you have the ZIP code. Zip Code Maps is another site you might be interested in, as they offer a selection of zip code, demographic, city and county maps that are guaranteed to be accurate, and even supply data on carrier routes. With these resources available at your fingertips, you don't have to worry about ZIP codes and not knowing them anymore.


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