How To Find an Internet Chat Room

Ever since the inception of the Internet, chat rooms have been the primary medium for everyone logged on to chat about virtually anything under the sun be it music or politics. Chat rooms have allowed people from different nationalities, cultures, and races to meet each other without the conventional face to face introduction processes. Until now and even in the near future, chat rooms will still be in the mix as one of the mediums responsible for linking and communicating people together regardless of origin and location.

Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo Messenger is one of the most popular instant messaging application services that feature a worldwide chat service. You can join region or topic based chat rooms based on your preference. Whether you are looking to discuss what Lady Gaga is up to or what are the latest discussions in China, Yahoo Messenger will allow you to join these. In addition, the application allows users, known as chatters, to create their own chat room dedicated to a particular topic of preference. All you need to do is to download and install the software into your PC and create a free account. Visit to download a copy of the installer. Follow the directions and read up on the other features of the application. There is an option to use the chat service via a web based interface where no download is needed. Visit for more details on this.

Search Google. If Yahoo Messenger does not suit your needs, then you can find various websites providing web-based chat room services by searching it on Google. Use the keywords "chat rooms" and you should get a few thousand hits that should lead you in the right direction. Bear in mind that Google will display some available sites providing chat rooms based on your region or country so make sure you are aware of these. Choose a chat room service provider and create a free account.

Use IRC. The earliest and one of the most popular chat services is still IRC or Internet Relay Chat. In fact, IRC has been existence for more than a decade now. The service is free and all you need to do is to download and install the software. Visit and get your copy. Install, create a new account, and log in. Select a network to connect to and start chatting away.

Use social media sites. Social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Friendster have some sort of chat functions as well. Although they are limited to speaking to single people at a time, it is still a chat function where in you can still keep in touch with people around the world. Create a free account and starting adding friends. When your friends are online, open up a chat window with them and start chatting away.

Check your Internet provider. Some of the bigger Internet providers will give you access to a chatting or instant messaging service. Make sure to check these out and see if it is worth your while.

Bear in mind that some chat room services are not free and may require a monthly membership fee from you to be able to use the service. Some chat services do not regulate foul and offensive language so make sure you are ready to read some filthy text once in awhile.


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