How To Find an MS Office Tutor

In this modern age where computer literacy is vital in getting a good paying job, people need to train in using various computer applications and programs that seem to be widely used in business. One of these programs is Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office is a suite of multiple applications focusing on word processing, spreadsheet creation, and slideshow presentation. Ideally, a person learning to use these applications will either read a book about it or start using it while learning on trial and error basis. However, there is a more effective way to learn the intricacies of these applications, hire an MS Office tutor. Here are some avenues you can explore in order to find the right MS tutor for you.

Determine your tutor. With modern technology in our grasp, people now have a choice on what kind of teacher they want. The traditional and conventional human is usually the better choice however; instructional videos and books are becoming as effective nowadays. Choose and select the best teaching medium for you. If you are a slow learner when it comes to technology and computers, then you may want to work with a human tutor since they can school you on even the smallest details of the application. If you are a quick learner, than a video or book may be a good and cheaper alternative.

Search the Internet. Whether you chose a human, video, or book as your official MS Office tutor, you can find them easily on the Internet. Log on to Google and execute a quick search using "MS Office tutor" as your keywords. The search should garner tons of links leading to various MS Office tutorials and tutoring services. You can opt for an online tutorial with a human teacher taking you on a step by step adventure into the world of MS Office over the Internet using a headset and a webcam. Other options would be a website offering you a step by step tutorial through text content. One of these text content online tutorials websites is On YouTube and other video media sites, you will find many videos that teach other people on how to use MS Word, MS Excel, and all the other components of the MS Office Suite. If you want a book tutor, then you may opt for sites selling MS Office e-books online. You will need a credit card or PayPal account to purchase and download these e-books. Ecommerce sites like and will have books on MS Office that you can purchase as well.

Search locally. Another option would be to look around your neighborhood for small computer schools that specialize in teaching office applications. Look through newspapers and local publications for ads of this sort. Check out the community boards in your town hall or community centers for ads as well. College campuses will offer tutoring services for computer training as well so make sure to inquire about these.

Ask your friends or family. Chances are that you have friends or family members that are experts in using MS Office already. It would be wise and a cheaper alternative to ask for their help in tutoring you to use MS Office.

Whether you went for the book, video, or human tutor, learning the ropes of using MS Office will really boil down to trial and error. Even if you don't know a single thing, you can start the application and start using it. As you go on, you should be able to get the hang of it while learning all of its features and user-friendly functions.


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