How To Find an Old Friend Online

The Internet should really be considered as one of the greatest achievements that man has made. It has literally linked each and every person together forming a gigantic global community and has made information, regardless of culture, readily available to everyone. This is why it is really the best option for anyone looking for a particular person. Yes, the days of searching the phone book for a specific person is dead. These days, everything can be done digitally including searching for an old friend. Here are some of the ways to do it online.

  • Google the name. Provided that your old friend has some type of Internet presence by way of a website, social networking site, article, etc…, Googling the name of that person should provide you the information about him you’re seeking for. Yes, it is really that simple. For as long as Google can index the name, there will be results. The only real problem which you may face with this option is that if the name of your friend is quite common, you may be faced with thousands of links to investigate to ensure that you get the information of the right person you are looking for. Hence, if the name of your friend is John Smith, then simply Googling the name won’t be helpful since there are probably thousands or even millions of people using that name.
  • Search Facebook. Facebook boasts of close to a billion active users and is considered to be the 2nd most visited website in world (next to Google). You can actually do a quick people search on this site to find a person since it is highly likely he will have a profile up and running either to reconnect with old comrades or to simply play Farmville or Mafia Wars. Now, the only way for you to conduct a thorough search of the Facebook database is by creating your own Facebook account and profile. Don’t worry, it is free and easy. Once you have an account up and running, type the name on the search bar and hit enter. There will be a finite number of people results available that you can investigate. Most profiles will have a profile picture to make it easier for you to spot the actual person. If the Facebook search nets you nothing, then you can consider trying other social networking sites like MySpace, Friendster, Bebo, and Twitter as well. The process is pretty much the same anyways.
  • Search the online white pages. There are many online people directories around that you can use which are typically the digital versions of the vintage and classic white pages phonebook. However, the difference is basically the database of these online directories is quite extensive surpassing international boundaries and such. Simply visit,,, and and conduct a search by name, city, and state. If you are searching for a friend in a specific country, then there are regional online directories available as well and can be found by simply searching for it using Google.

These 3 options alone should provide you with the information on the person you are looking for. Yes, looking for an old friend is definitely much easier than about 20 years ago, right?


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