How To Find an Online Crystal Ball

What will tomorrow bring? This is what a crystal ball is supposed to tell you. But you are not a medium. You don't have psychic powers and see the future. Some human beings are gifted. They can see the future without much effort. It would be nice to have that kind of talent.

People claim to use quartz crystal, a gazing ball, crystal magic and crystal stones in order to bring luck or predict the future. Some even swear on the benefits of crystal healing. In the end it is still be up to you what to believe. If you are at a loss for a decision, and don't really know what to do, there are online crystal ball sites that can help you. Search away and you will find Web sites such as the ones listed below.

  1. Online Crystal Ball - You will have a large picture of a crystal ball and you will be asked to concentrate. Ask away in your mind, it can be about love, friendship, career or money. You just need to click on the crystal. You will receive a reading or a prediction and it would be just like magic.
  2. Decide for Us - You will see a tiny crystal ball with a face. You have a box you can ask the question in. You can choose if the crystal ball will just answer with a yes and no or a long prediction with a profound meaning. You will like this site if you want just a straightforward answer for the simplest of things.
  3. Crystal Ball - You will see a dark giant crystal ball. You will not be answered by a yes or no question. What you need to do is drag your cursor over the crystal ball and it will show you a glimpse of what the future will bring. It could be a sty, a pregnancy or a boat trip. It's eerie, as it's quite a surprising software.
  4. Dragons Crystal Ball - This is a galaxy looking crystal ball where you can drag your cursor and it will give you a statement that you will think about. It's short, yet you will need to ponder. It also offers other services such as horoscope reading and love compatibility tests.
  5. Greetings America - This Web site has a magic 8 or crystal ball that has already answered over 8 million questions. It is simple yet gives you a good answer to your usual questions. It is more like asking a friend. It provides simple statements for complicated questions.   

Just remember that whatever happens, your future is in your hands. It is a tough world out there. Most of the time you get bombarded with questions that just make you want to give up. What a crystal ball can see may or may not happen but let it give you a fair warning because sometimes, they do come true.


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