How To Find an Online Tutoring Service

Online tutoring services are popular for parents and their kids. Because of the State and Federal mandates of the No Child Left Behind Act, the schools are held accountable so that the students do well during assessments. Assessments and evaluation of what they learned include comparing students in their own class, district competitions, as well as national contests.  Grade school students face the pressure of advanced learning, while facing curriculum updating in high schools as well as benchmark testing. An online tutoring service, like any service, must be assessed and evaluated. Their service must benefit your child.

To find an online tutoring service, the following suggestions may be used:

  1. Look at the educational viewpoint or philosophy of the service. This may be on a page titled "About Us" or "Who We Are". Most tutoring services state their goal. Some, instead of advertising many things, give the history of their business and the awards they have received, if any. Background information is also very helpful.
  2. Know the subject the service covers as well as the age range they cater to. All tutorial services must list the subject of their focus as well as the grade levels of their students.
  3. Study the procedure and technique. Most online services are available 24/7, while some conduct services only in specific periods. Some tutoring services offer a trial period of as long as one week. Some offer only a free demonstration and 20 to 30-minute trial.
  4. Learn about the tutors. Tutors for services like this must have degrees or postgraduate studies. Tutors must be intelligent people so that tutees learn what they are supposed to know. Also check the other personal background materials available on the tutors. Their profiles must also be posted together with the companies' profile.
  5. Make sure that your state's educational program followed.
  6. Review as many of the services available in your area as possible. Ask friends to recommend a service for your child. Check with the school to see if they can recommend any tutorial services that they think conduct the best services. Before spending your hard earned money, make sure that the online service meets the requirements of your child.

Most tutoring services provide assistance in math, English, sciences and more. While some tutoring services are known for their expertise in homework assistance, they also tutor subjects aside from the homework presented by the tutees. It is important that the tutors are familiar with the students. Students learn best if they are confident that their tutor can give them the assistance they need.

Finding an online tutoring service requires some skill on the part of the parents. If the tutoring service has a pool of efficient and intelligent tutors, the student learner will not face a disruption in his learning. It is not enough that the online tutorial service has only one or two best teachers while the others are not so good. Teachers in this business must all be the best.


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