How To Find Black Market Items on Ebay

It’s not actually the use of an item but the thrill of getting a black market item that pushes some people to buy some outrageous, weird, absurd, or illegal items. With the advent of the online world, the black market even becomes so diverse that the world’s most famous online auction site also has black market items. Yes, blackmarket eBay was in existence even before the famous online auction site became a household name.

In fact, the Internet black market has been around since the earliest days of the World Wide Web. People were able to buy illegal drugs and human organs online.

But with the popularity of eBay, selling illegal drugs and even human organs has become rampant. Believe it or not, many buyers were eager to get those items just like how everyone is so excited to get a vintage poster of The Clash. What makes buying in black market eBay very exciting is the unbelievably low prices. Even The Clash posters can be bought here with cheap prices.

Although there are few restrictions on eBay, still, many black market items are sold on eBay. You might be surprised of what you’ll find here—Cuban cigars, missiles, newborn children, plutonium, marijuana, and tiger fangs to mention a few. So, are you interested to enter a more techie way of dealing with an underground market? eBay is the store you should go for that. Here’s how you can find black market items on eBay:

  1. Sign-up for a free eBay user account. You can both be a seller and buyer with one free account. Signing up is just as easy as signing up for an account in Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube, etc. You only need to fill out a membership form, confirm your email, and activate your account.
  2. Sign up on eBay and start looking for items. Searching can be easy by using the eBay search engine. What black market item are you looking for? Simply type the keywords in the search engine and hit the search button. Related items for sale will be displayed, and you simply need to click some of those items you are interested in. But if you just want to look around for something interesting, then maybe you can go to the different categories. Doing this is really time-consuming but can be so enjoyable. Just make sure that you won’t be an impulse buyer, because it can be so tempting to bid for an item and you might just win even without you wanting to win the bidding.
  3. Start bidding. Once you have found the black market item you’ve been looking for, you can start bidding. But before that, make sure you read the product description first. Check the seller’s shipping and return policies as well. See the seller’s feedbacks also and never get an item from a seller with negative feedback.

Before you bid, decide the highest price you are willing to pay for the item. Then, bid for the item a little higher than the last bid. For instance, the last bid is $43.00. You can bid $43.25 or anything higher than that. Watch out also for anyone who will outbid you, and make sure you will get the item by bidding at the last minute of the auction.

Buying a black market item can be dangerous depending on how you define a black market item. If these items mean illegal, better not be involved in that. Only bid for eBay items that are considered legal by your state’s law.


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