How To Find Career Opportunities While Sitting at Home

Finding career opportunities doesn't have to involve going out of your house and searching all over town to look for available jobs.  Here is how you could land a job from the comfort of your own seat:

  • Make use of Internet search engines.  A lot of jobs are posted online, and all you have to do is type a few words in your search engine to find out what jobs are available.  To make your search easier, you can add more search words such as the name of the company, the position you want to apply for, and the location of your work. 
  • Look in job search sites.  You could find plenty of job listings in job search websites.  They are categorized according to jobs, companies, job locations, qualifications and date of posting.  Some sites allow you to post a portfolio that includes your resume, your references, and any work samples you may have. 
  • Visit online forums and groups.  There are online groups you could join so that you will be updated of career news and opportunities.  Registering is usually free, and you only have to supply a username, a password and an e-mail address.  However, if you're giving an e-mail address, be sure that the site you are registering with won't spam your e-mail inbox.  You could make a new e-mail account for the sole purpose of registering with online forums, so that you can avoid spam in your regular e-mail inbox.  Join as many groups as you can that are related to the jobs you want to apply for, or are concerned with employment in general.  There would be advertisements of job offers posted there. 
  • Join social networking sites.  Networking sites don't just connect you to friends and family, they also connect you to potential employers and coworkers.  When you join, include your qualifications, experiences, and skills on your profile so that people who search for employees online would be able to find you.  You could also talk with other people on the network, and ask whether they are hiring employees, or if they know a job that you could apply for. 
  • Read classified ads.  You could find these in newspapers or on the Internet.  Many advertisements are listed here, as well as job offers.  Some Internet versions of classified ads can alert you whenever a job of your preference becomes available.  You will be asked to leave your e-mail, but make sure that you check your e-mail every now and then so that you wouldn't miss out on a career opportunity.
  • Look in directories.  You can find companies' phone numbers on the Internet.  Call them up; call as many as you can, and ask whether there are available jobs that you could apply for.  Don't be disappointed if there aren't any job offers at the moment.  Wait for a couple of days, and try again, because there might be a vacant position at that time.

Sitting at home doesn't mean you're lazy, because you could find jobs without leaving your seat.  Give it a try.


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