How To Find Free Bible Software

You will greatly benefit from Bible software if you want to read and study the Bible using your computer or other digital devices such as iPhone and iPod. Bible software makes it easy for you to make a Bible lesson, get the meaning of a Biblical word, and understand a text using a commentary. The good news is that there are different kinds of Bible software available today, and some of them are for free. Here’s how you can find free Bible software.

  • Do your research. Research about the best free Bible software. Come up with a list of free Bible software programs; then visit their respective websites. Find out their features, such as commentaries, concordance, maps, and daily devotions, and the system requirements.
  • Read reviews. User reviews will give you a good idea about the software programs. These will tell you whether a particular program is easy to use, has useful features, and offers functional updates. Try to read as many reviews as you can, and determine if there is a consensus among the users.
  • Choose according to the available features. You will notice that different Bible downloads have lots of different features. While others have the most basic features, some software programs offer more complex features. So it can be somewhat confusing when you are deciding based on features. The trick here is to find Bible software that responds to your needs. You don’t necessarily have to get the one that has the most features; instead choose the one with features that will be most useful to you.
  • Compare software programs. Although their content is similar, Bible software programs differ from each other. They have different user interfaces, different commentaries, and different devotional texts, among other things. So when looking for free Bible software, try to do comparisons. Determine which among the software programs offers the best service.
  • Try a demo. In case the software developer offers a demo, you can choose to download and try the demo first before downloading the actual software. This way, you will have a feel of the software and decide whether it is really the Bible software for you. When trying a demo, make sure to use all the features. Find out if the features suit your needs and are easy to use. Demo usually runs for a month. You will have to decide to download the software after the demo expires.
  • Find out if you can download additional features. Some Bible software programs allow you to get additional features such as commentaries, translations, study helps, and devotionals. Some of these features can be downloaded for free, while others are available for a fee.

Although nothing compares to the experience of leafing through an actual Bible, having Bible software in your computer, phone, or portable media player gives you the chance to read the Bible anytime and anywhere you want to. It also provides you with a wholly different experience of studying the Bible in the digital age.


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