How To Find Free Bible Study Material Online

Even Bible study has been modernized. If in the past most of the resource materials that you use for Bible studies are found from church or given by your minister or pastor, today you can actually start your own Bible study group using materials that you have downloaded or copied from the Internet. Here’s how you can find free Bible study materials from the Web.

  • Social networking sites. first of all, try joining social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. A lot of people think that these sites are mainly for whiling away your free time (and in some cases, even your productive time). But, if you choose the right people or groups to follow and subscribe to, you can actually get a lot of Bible study materials. Because of the dynamic and quick updates that come with social networking sites, you can expect to gain plenty of new study materials in no time at all. Also, you can use the search functions in these social networking sties to easily find Bible organizations and groups to follow.
  • Types of study material. Sometimes, you should start your search by determining the type of study material that you want to find. For instance, you should ask yourself whether you want study materials on specific books in the Bible, on specific events in the Bible, or on specific characters and personalities in the Bible. You can start your search from there. There are plenty of search engine to help you find relevant content from the Internet. One of the most popular is Google, although you can also use Live, Yahoo, Bing, and many more.
  • Material formats. Another way to find free resource materials for Bible study groups is by starting your search based on the type of material format that you are looking for. There are text materials that you can copy off the actual website and paste into a word processor document. There are also PDF files that you can download from websites such as PDF Planet and Scribd. There are also audio files such as podcasts that you can get for free. Apart from text and podcasts, there are also videos that you can download, as well as graphics, charts, images, and other materials.
  • Religious websites. Finally, consider getting your information directly from religious websites. These websites offer everything that you can possible need for a Bible study. Websites such as Crosswalk, Belief, and Christianity will not only provide you with materials, but can even help you create a schedule for your Bible studies. Best of all, almost all creeds and religions are represented on the Internet in one way or the other. Whether you are looking for Methodist Bible study materials or Baptist Bible study materials, you are sure to find these on the Web.

Once you have downloaded all of the files that you need for your Bible study, simply save them in CDs or in flash drives so that you can bring them to your Bible study group meetings. Make sure that at least one of your group members brings a laptop so that the rest of you can view the files during the Bible study session.


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